Chip Kelly is on Crack

Kiko AlonsoLeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonzo. Who is Kiko Alonzo, I asked? I watch more football than 90% of the population and have never heard of the man. Is he from Africa? Nope, he conveniently played at OREGON.

In the 2013 season he was lights out recording 10 tackles a game and getting interceptions like it was his job (it isn’t as a linebacker). He was named defensive rookie of the month in September and finished 3rd in the league in tackles (159). Seemed like a tremendous player ala Luke Kuechly (I’m just going out on a limb with that one but he’s white, a linebacker, and putting up huge numbers). What could go wrong?

Defenders are used to seeing 25 from behind.

Defenders are used to seeing 25 from behind.

Oh wait, he missed the entire 2014 season with an ACL tear. Some people can come back from ACL’s like Jeremy Maclin and Rob Gronkowski, but it’s still a serious injury. He would have to be quite a linebacker to equate to Shady’s skill at running back which fans will be scrutinizing closely.

LeSean McCoy was traded for reasons that mostly pertain to money.  The Eagles pick up almost 10 million of cap space (LeSean was owed 10.25m vs Alonso’s 750k).  Chip probably creamed his pants thinking he is getting an equivalent, elite caliber player on the defensive end that saves him money. Talk also says that LeSean was fading as his 5.1 ypc in 2013 dropped to 4.2 last season. This is hogwash.

Eagles offense will not be as explosive.

Eagles offense will not be as explosive.

I’d argue that DeSean Jackson made everyone better in 2013. He finished the year with 1300+ yards and 9 TDS and was a deep threat that spread the field.

  • Riley Cooper shined (835 yards and 8 TD) with DeSean which is saying something after his last year with Maclin as the WR1 (535 yards and 3 TD).
  • Jordan Matthews (872 & 8) emerged last year but Nick Foles regressed (easy to fall off a 27-2 year).
  • LeSean went for 1,607 and 539 receiving yards in ’13 vs 1319 rushing and 155 receiving yards in ’14.  Sproles and Polk took numbers away from him one could argue.
  • Maclin put up almost identical numbers as DeSean did last year but he did it with more underneath catches instead of the only way Desean catches the ball, long bombs.


Gut Reaction

The Eagles are going to have to use Shady’s cash to get some defensive talent.  Cary Williams was a bum and easy to replace and Trent Cole dropped to 40 tackles and 6.5 sacks last year vs 44 and 8 in ’14 so I don’t see that as a huge loss.

They’ll miss Shady on offense.  This offense is nowhere near as good as they think they are without LeSean and DeSean.  They don’t have the playmakers.  QB issues as well.

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LeSean Decoy and Body Armor

LeSean Decoy and his Body Armor

LeSean Decoy and his Body Armor

I walked into a local mart and I noticed this poster of LeSean McCoy advertising for a sports drink called BodyArmor. What I thought was funny about this advertisement was that there was no indication that LeSean played for the Eagles. He wasn’t wearing the Eagles uniform, only the colors, and it just had LeSean McCoy, #25, Philadelphia as his description. Then I started to take a closer look at the poster and I’m pretty sure that isn’t even LeSean. After some quick searching it looks like LeSean signed a one year deal with this company back in March of 12′. With this being 6 months after the contract expired, I’m curious if the company has the right to use a like individual to advertise for them without having to pay Shady. Either way I still think it’s smart by a company to hire professional athletes to endorse their drinks. Now a company has to reverse it and appeal to the common fat man and use Lard Ass from Stand By Me to endorse a milkshake. Who would drink this shit anyway?

This post reminded me of the movie Argo and how you have to be deceptive in getting past people who are looking for something. Argofuckyourself.

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