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19-chuck-klosterman-1.w529.h352I’ve noticed I tend to voice the opinion of whatever it is I’m reading so don’t be surprised if I contradict myself next week. While reading Klosterman’s “But What If We’re Wrong?: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past” he sort of confirms an idea that’s in my mind after losing a lot of money betting on sports. Whatever you think is going to happen is probably wrong. I’ll take this idea into a few stances that I have a feeling I’m in the minority.



untitled23I like Lebron James – I don’t understand where all the hate for Lebron comes from. He’s made the NBA Finals the past 6 straight years and has gotten in roughly 0 off the court trouble. He’s going to go down as one of the league’s best players with stats and even though his finals record isn’t as pristine as Jordan’s, he’s arguably been the best player in the league since he entered. He’s 11th on the NBA all-time points scored in a career and isn’t slowing down. The slights against him are “the decision”, which was 6 years ago for god sakes, and that he’s a crybaby and flopper. If you’ve watched any part of the NBA, every  single player is the latter. I hardly would say that I’m a HUGE Lebron fan but my like for him comes mostly from my next stance.



16mag-mouthguards-facebookJumboI Dislike Steph Curry & Hate Draymond Green – That mouth guard is the most unnecessary act with regard to functionality that it has to be done for attention. Can’t stand it. I respect Steph’s game like no other. His ability to knock down shots from anywhere on the court is amazing. It’s the smugness from him and the whole hoopla surrounding how revolutionary he is that gets me.  I don’t want to not like him but Klay Thompson is just so much cooler that he shows the appropriate way to behave. Plus, who else brings their kid to a press conference?

2GSVc72If I rate my dislike for Curry a 6, my dislike for Draymond Green is off the charts. I’m not sure why he isn’t getting more of a beating by the media (unless I’m not seeing it which is quite probable). It’s clear he’s a great player by the likes of last nights game in his absence. No one denies that. His dirty plays though are ABSURD. Like straight up bonkers. His play isn’t basketball. It’s the extreme opposite of flopping which people also go nuts over. See what I did there.

Look at how much a pussy Draymond is when LeBron gets in his face.

The Lowest of the Low (I think the first one isn’t that bad fwiw)


I like Donald Trump – I know this is dangerous but please read what I write before only reading the headline. Here’s a video of Trump protesters getting violent.

635793546682967201-54052938_3I don’t think that Donald Trump says appropriate comments or knows how to run a country. However, I do know that if people (and obviously this is a small sample size) are willing to attack people based on who they support, I’m against that, which in turn puts me pro people who are getting attacked.

Donald Trump is ludicrous. This comment about Obama after Orlando:
“We’re led by a man that either is, is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind. And the something else in mind, you know, people can’t believe it. People cannot — they cannot believe that President Obama is acting the ways he acts and can’t even mention the words radical Islamic terrorism. There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable.”

So Trump thinks Obama knows more than he lets on with regard to terrorism which seems radical in itself. However, weird shit happens behind the scenes and to turn a blind eye to potential hi jinks in the Whitehouse is equally naive. Hilary wouldn’t possibly take the stance that no new “Islams” should be allowed in the country, as Trump wants,  so she retorts with tighter gun control which is equally stupid because if someone wants to do what happened in Orlando, they will find a way gun control or not. Both sides are solving an insolvable problem to please the people.

2d675712f6e22f08471dd58a1056bb6aI’m not a Trump supporter but the more I see how people react and how “wrong” he must be, the more I’m leaning to the idea that he must be right. I also think you’re equally stupid if you don’t like someone because of their choice of political party. Read this sentence and know that you are a simpleton if you show hate towards another person’s opinion.

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Dominique, Pipe Down!

I read an article on Yahoo where Dominique Wilkins was downplaying Lebron’s 61 point performance and calling out that there was no defense and it was against a sub .500 Bobcats team.  You’ll have to find him on Twitter to get each and every Tweet on the subject but here are the key ones.




Warranted Comments?

The real Shack was an NBA Starter

The real Shack was an NBA Starter

What I took from this isn’t Dominique critiquing Lebron’s game which is what the average layman would think.  Nor the odd egotistical nature of Dominique Wilkins thinking he could drop 40 points against any team currently.  It’s his final Tweet which I believe is accurate.  I was a huge basketball fan when guys like Jordan, Barkley, Ewing, and Nique were in their prime.  I was a little kid who didn’t understand basketball like I do now, but I did grow up surrounded by these legends.    With these comments, Nique is pointing out how wide the range of talent on the floor is today which I can’t decide if it was the same as in the 80’s and 90’s when basketball was considered great.  This is the key question when thinking over these comments.  Were the 5 starters on all teams closer in talent than in today’s game?

sfl-miami-heat-lebron-james-mask-s022914-001I would consider myself a Sixers fan if there is such a thing today.  Watching a team lose 15 straight and winning a 100 dollars betting against them the last two nights, I know that the talent on the floor is sad.  Lebron would be a knife cutting through the Sixers defensive butter and could probably score 100 against them if he wanted to.  Does this belittle the fact that he can do it in an NBA game?  I don’t think it does.

If it were so easy to score 61 points in a game, wouldn’t anyone be able to do it?  “After all, it has only happened 31 times for 18 players in the last 51 years — those are numbers that indicate just how difficult and rare the accomplishment is.”  The answer is that even with no defense and below average NBA talent, 99% of the players in the league are not dropping 61 points.

So this brings about, Dominique, why on Earth are you making this a discussion.  Is it to make you feel better about yourself?  When I read articles like this, the only reason I write about them is to point out how stupid it is for 1) to make the comments and 2) to turn them into a story.  When aging stars make ridiculous comments comparing themselves to the present, no one should listen.  Sit back in your recliner and sip a beer while enjoying this unevenly talented NBA.  However, I think it’s fair to say The Human Highlight Film may know a thing or two about basketball.

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The Power of the Tweet

Here’s Lebron dunking on Paul Millsap last night:

Here is Millsaps’ Tweet:

This example is why Twitter is so powerful. A player gets posterized and can respond to what happened in something other than an interview. The majority of the world would have no idea what is going through the mind of Paul Millsap after getting Lebron’s nut sack on his forehead. An interview is only watched by people who tune into sports stations. So unless you are watching Sportscenter, you probably aren’t realizing that Millsap got got. Twitter allows him to make this post and then have knuckleheads like me find his tweet, and snowball the tweet so everyone knows he got owned last night. This isn’t something that you can overlook.

Twitter holds legitimacy over Facebook and is quickly becoming the #1 social media for news and info. Facebook joined friends together and people are over having friends. Twitter brings relevant content and newsworthy pieces from people you care about together. Is Paul Millsap’s reaction to getting dunked on something I care about? Not exactly but on a slow news day, why not? Paul Millsap being able to speak out to the world about what happened in a form of media that isn’t sports television is my point. This idea is what is vaulting Twitter. Getting reactions from people on events all in one place. It’s a combined form of media that is unlike anything else. If you don’t have Twitter and you read this blog and don’t follow me, join year 2014 and the Twitter experience. I was anti-twitter at first but have come on board because it’s not very time consuming and much more interesting than Facebook. The better social media will rise to the top.

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Finish it Lebron


I’m not a huge NBA fan but the last thing I want to happen is for the Pacers to beat the Heat in game 7. Talk about a huge let down. A great thing has happened with the veteran Spurs, arguably the most consistent team in recent history, sweeping the Grizzlies and setting up an NBA championship WITH THE 2 BEST REMAINING TEAMS. The one thing that is stopping that is the Pacers.

The Heat have Lebron and he’s the best player in the NBA. No question about it. His supporting cast has been shaky and he is going to be the reason if the Heat win or lose this series. What I’ve noticed is that Lebron doesn’t have much chemistry with his teammates. Bron and Wade are so far apart that it’s weird even thinking of them as teammates because they haven’t been using each other whatsoever. When Ray Allen and Bosh disappear from the game, the Heat are a bunch of role players. I don’t think that will happen in Game 7 though back in Miami.

The Pacers had home court in game 6 and played a hell of a game even with Lebron making an effort to take over in the 4th. This play in particular is going to set up an exciting game 7 because this was the nail in the coffin of game 6. I don’t understand the charge call for what it’s worth. How strong is Lebron to get this ball up to the basket?

I think Lebron has turned into such a charismatic, humble, determined individual that I love watching him play the game of basketball. Once he stops selling the flops (which he only does to win the game which I understand), I’ll boost him up even higher.

Watch this post game interview and tell me that he doesn’t say all the right things.

Hibbert is playing like a beast and he can say and do whatever he wants at this point.

I will be tuned in for Game 7 and expect the Heat to take it home.

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