Lady Gaga Divulges Rape to Howard Stern


Gaga on the Howard Stern show on Dec 2nd.

I was listening to Howard Stern interview Lady Gaga.  I only caught about 15 minutes of the segment and I heard about an instance of her life when she was taken advantage of at the age of 19.  Her record producer “raped” her.  You can listen on this link about Lady Gaga being raped at 19.  Unfortunately this post will not delve into this further because I have little to nothing to say about this.  Full interview here.

“I believe she’s speaking about Rob Fusari when it comes to the “dating” and rape situation. He told people they were dating when in fact, he was her record producer who raped her. “

howardsternI do have something to say about Lady Gaga revealing to Howard an event about her life so personal.  He must be the best interviewer in the world to get her to confide in him (and his entire listening audience) a moment of her life that probably still haunts her to this day.  My thought was that there must be other people on the planet who can do Howard’s job.  All it entails is asking people questions and having them answer them.  Yet I am certain that if I interviewed Gaga it would go something like this:

T: I really liked the song Just Dance when it came out.

LG: That was probably the most pop, least inspired song I’ve ever written…

T: Oh………………………….

I'd poke her face.

I’d poke her face.

A few weeks ago Howard let one of his staff, Benjy, interview his wife and it was atrocious.  The feel of the interview was choppy and the questions asked had me feeling bad for both parties involved.  This got me thinking that Howard is probably the absolute best in the entire business.  He has done thousands of interviews and has so much experience that only he can get people to share information that they probably never thought they’d be sharing to millions of people.  It’s a tremendous talent.

An another amazing talent of Lady Gaga is her voice.  She believes auto tune is cheating and she is honest to god singing.  Her singing is next level.  It’s unbelievable.  I was blown away by her voice.  As wacky as she is, I’m a fan.



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A Roaring Applause – Gaga vs Katy

Gaga-Perry Mix

Along with Taylor Swift and Rihanna, there are not 2 more popular pop stars than Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Being perfectly honest, I have no problem with either of their music. I’m sure your typical adult macho male would say you play for the other team if you enjoy their music. My thoughts are that not only are they talented but they work with some of the strongest people in the industry and if they can’t produce decent music with that team, there is something wrong. I’ll fully admit the lyrics of these songs are borderline bad but simple lends itself to the people. The masses need a catchy hook and lyrics that they can relate to. Both of these artists do this wonderfully. I think it’s worth a look to break down the latest singles from each artist and give my opinion.

Applause and Roar both came out the same week and serve as a good comparison. To date, Applause has 44 million views on youtube compared to 34 million for Roar. The official videos haven’t been released but those stats are from the 1st search result. Gaga’s applause has 8 million listens on Spotify and Roar has gotten 9 million. Perry has about 1 million more followers on Spotify. I’d say that it’s difficult to pick a clear cut winner of the two comparing listens. Even their Twitter stats are remarkably close with Gaga having 42 million and Perry with 40. Taylor Swift has amassed 33 while Rhianna has 30 to put things in perspective of how big these two women are. Judging by the stats, this battle is too close to call. The more important indicator is how good is the actual song.

The one separator for me is how long it takes me to get sick of the song. For me this is easy, I give Applause a clear nod. The beat is better and I find the lyrics to be clever. I like the idea of “I live on the applause” because it gets the fans feeling good about what they are doing. Perry’s Roar is a Sara Bareilles knock off of Brave. I don’t detract this from her song but I’m tired of the empowerment schtick. “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR.” Same shit as Firework. I think I listened to it total of 3 times and have no interest to hear it again. The beat dropping on Applause makes the song head and shoulders above Roar. It’s more upbeat and a better song in whole. In a close battle between two mega stars, Gaga wins this round.

I think we have to give Katy a big advantage in the sex appeal though. 2 big reasons specifically. I actually don’t like black hair woman but I’m enamored with Katy. Gaga does absolutely nothing for me. I do find her eccentric behavior refreshing though because she knows exactly what’s she doing by being so bizarre.

Gaga and Katy W/O Makeup

Solid 6

Solid 6

Touched Up

Makeup makes a difference.

Makeup makes a difference.

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