Sit Down Fucking Fat Boy

Russell Westbrook calling out the Urologist, Kevin Harkaway, before receiving 2 middle fingers. Read his lips closely.

The Long and Winding Post

kevin-durant-rolling-stone-cover-storyI read the Rolling Stone article on Kevin Durant and learned more about Durant’s underprivileged upbringings and his dedication to the game of basketball. There were a few neat tidbits like he drank his scotch neat, has tattoos of Rick James, Tupac, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, and Aaliyah, and learned to sleep balled up on a couch until 19. However as I started to write that post and gather info, I got into Russell Westbrook, the double middle finger, and various odds. So I’m sorry if i’m all over the place with this post but it is what it is.

Some Fun Facts:

  • kdThe Golden State Warriors were favored by 8.5 points on Tuesday night over the San Antonio Spurs and lost by 29.
  • The Warriors O/U win total was 66.5.
  • The odds for the Warriors to win the Championship went from 3-1 before KD made his announcement to -110.
  • OKC went from 3-1  to 20-1 to win it all this year.

The KD and Russ Show is No Longer

leaveshimhanging“It’s an open secret that the fun had stopped there and it was never going to flow with Russell. Russell’s a my turn, your turn kind of guy, and don’t think defenders don’t know that. When Russ had the ball, KD’s guy would leave him to go and help guard Russ.”

KD’s thought for leaving OKC – “Mama, I can’t do it anymore. They’re not in this thing with me, we’re not together like we were.” 


Draymond and KD Speak the Truth

stephcurryshoesDraymond Green: Dude, why you riff so hard on Steph’s kicks?
Kevin Durant: Cause they were foul. Ugliest shoes I ever saw. Your boy should be ashamed of himself.

“I’m sure the story tomorrow will be, ‘KD broke up the chemistry and we can’t win with KD,’ and all these other things which is going to come with the territory,” Warriors forward Draymond Green said. “We’re looking forward to that. We already know that’s coming.”

“You know who I always thought (was a great trash-talker), but has been under the radar, I think Kevin Durant,” Green said. “Lotta people don’t know that. But if you play against him you know. KD makes you feel bad about yourself, that you ever talked junk,” Green said. “It’s the funniest thing in the world.”


How Can You Not Like This Guy?

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Most Hated People at the Moment

People in power are downright dirty and have probably lied, cheated and stolen their way to the top. Here are the top candidates of the past few weeks.


Taylor Swift

K3oqm37Fuck the Swifties. Everyone thought Kanye was the mastermind but it’s actually T Swift. The whole “Kanye never showed me the lyric” act was put on blast by that massively bottomed woman and people started getting pissed at Taylor because she had agreed to its use. These characters are so goddamn calculated that I believe 0% of whatever it is they show the world. You should too. Here’s what really happened:

  1. Kanye asked Taylor a head of time if they could start some beef. She instantly knew the VMA’s were coming up (August 28th)  and that she hasn’t released an album since Oct ’14 and is out of singles.
  2. She agreed to Kanye coming up with the most far fetched idea (that she would have sex with him) and staged the call Kim snapped. Kanye has to involve Kim to keep up the ratings of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  3. Now the beef is back between the 2 parties and all media is eating up. It will be the most talked about story line from now until the next ridiculous set of events begins.


Donald Trump

giphyThe ultimate con artist. Do you honestly believe that Donald didn’t tell Melania to copy Michelle Obama’s speech? I imagine these two sitting in bed and Melania shitting bricks about having to give a speech because her English sucks. Trump doesn’t think twice and tells her to copy Michelle’s and we’ll figure it out later. No press is bad press and bad press is what Makes America Great Again. I don’t think he shoots from the hip as often as people think he does. He purposely pisses people off knowing exactly that he does and says wrong things. It’s like he bends the people as far as possible without breaking them. When I watched John Oliver’s episode on Trump University he made the point that Trump doesn’t sell purpose, he sells you an attitude. Same concept with politics. He has no clue what he’s doing with the policies but he makes you feel like you are part of a radical change by insulting others and generally being a bad ass.


Kevin Durant

0551639001457543927_filepickerSelling out is sad. Oklahoma City has a genuine affinity for KD and watching a player trade love for gold is hurtful. The Thunder were 1 game away from the finals last year until Klay Thompson went nuts. This was not a superstar who left because his team sucked. He left because he knows that players are only remembered for how many championships they win and adding his fire power to GSW should be unstoppable. How often do people reference Karl Malone and John Stockton? What about Patrick Ewing? Reggie Miller? Guys who don’t win are always second class and Durant sold out to be part of a team that won the most games in NBA history WITHOUT HIM last year. I hope that he fucks up the chemistry and the team completely falls apart. You have my word that at least 3 of the Warriors 4 stars will get injured next year.


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