Chantel Jeffries Craves Recognition


Biber's striking resemblance to Miley Cyrus, thanks Sam

Biber’s striking resemblance to Miley Cyrus, thanks Sam

The Bieber DUI story is getting huge press as well as his shotgun floozy Chantel Jeffries who seems to have an eye for the spotlight.  For me this is about as low on the totem pole as stories go.  Barstool has this unnecessary affliction for Bieber so they are posting news non-stop about it and I scan over every story completely.  By no means do I know all the details regarding the story except that they were drag racing an unheard of Def Jam Artist Khalil Sharieff and The Biebs was pulled over at 4am going 60 in a 30. His response to getting pulled over was, “What the fuck did I do? Why did you stop me?”  The arrest report describes Bieber as having a “flushed face, bloodshot eyes, and the odor of alcohol on his breath.”

Justin Bieber getting arrested is not even a news story anymore because he is the #1 candidate for next celebrity meltdown so it should be expected.  If you read an unconfirmed text game between Bieber and Selena Gomez, you’d know this was coming.  Any 19 year old who has more money than he knows what to do with and is involved in the drug scene is going to find trouble.  I think that the more fascinating part of the story is that Chantel Jeffries was in the passenger seat during this ordeal.  If you know Philly, you’d have seen Chantel in this picture with the Eagles WR DeSean “Jackpot” Jackson.

Djack with Chantel

Djack with Chantel

This woman is the quintessential attention whore.  People who look for the spotlight having no talents of their own (except for dynamite blowjobs and a tight jiwanis) don’t deserve respect in our society.  They are honestly bringing nothing to the table except an element of poor influence on people with talent. Bieber’s Ex Selena Gomez is a good example of an A+ looking female who not only has the looks but brings something to the table with her self sustained career in whatever it is she does.  Chantel on the other hand brings an arrest record that includes stabbing someone and speeding tickets and can look downright scary at times.

Chantel Mugshot not looking her finest

Chantel Mugshot not looking her finest

The pictures below indicate that the 21 year old model is a pure firecracker but I’ve also seen some pictures that would back up the above real life Chantel.  I find her to be completely over-rated and she is probably loving being in the national spotlight.  With my position of not caring about this story, it’s downright contradictory to be blogging about it but let’s just say I fall right into the trap like everyone else but I’d like to think I know I’m falling into the trap. Chantel will remain in the national news for some time now which I’m sure pleases her considering this tweet before she went on her alleged joyride with Bieber, “something about the shock factor”.  This shows her in it for the recognition and action that comes with celeb status.  Is she hot like the pics below or does make up do tremendous things?

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Bieber Fever – NBA All Star Weekend

Notice how I’m learning a thing or two about titles and SEO. If that title doesn’t bring in the mass traffic I don’t know what does. I was actually pretty impressed with Justin Bieber and his bball skills. For being such a major draw I’m not sure where he learned how to play basketball. Not that he’s amazing or anything but he can play the game. You’d also think as a 27 year old male I’d have major discontent for Bieber but he really doesn’t bother me that much, actually not at all. He’s just really talented and gets a ton of attention but he seems to handle it well.

In bizarre fashion I’m sitting in, not drunk, on a Friday night I have the time to blog and dissect a pathetic attempt at entertainment which was the celebrity basketball game. Watching overweight, aging players like Mitch Richmond and Jalen Rose isn’t that exciting. Let’s not forget the slew of B list celebs like Trey Songz, Michael Rappaport and Rob Kardashian. This was just a complete nightmare of a game and why on Earth is AC Green taking mid range jumpers and trying to pad the stat sheet. The Rookie-Sophomore game was moderately exciting but it’s not a serious game so who really cares.

In between the game Jeff and I were watching this show on ABC which was a hidden camera show where they were trying to set people up. One scene had underage kids asking random passerbyers to purchase them alcohol. Maybe 10 out of 100 agreed and it was pretty stupid. Then they had a guy who had aids at a diner serving food and they set up actors to act like they were appalled that a person with aids was serving food. This was staged to try to see what type of reactions they could get from the people in the diner. Essentially it was like Punked except it was supposed to be serious since it was on ABC. The show was a complete joke but I still watched it. Now that’s an entertaining Friday night if I’ve ever seen one.

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