Wisdom With Aging

Howard Stern interviewed Jerry Seinfeld and produced this dialogue:

HS: If you could go back to younger Jerry, would you go back there?
JS: Would I want to be young again? No.
HS: You’re happy where you are?
JS: I think if you’re a little lucky in life, you should enjoy getting older. You’re going to see more.When you’re young you can’t see what’s going on so well. You get older, you walk into a room, you meet this guy and that guy and you see exactly what’s going on here. I love that and I don’t care about the physical deterioration. That’s part of it.


Aging is OK

Listen to this man.

Listen to this man.

I like Howard but Jerry is more evolved than Howard. I personally love that Howard has gone to therapy for decades and Jerry thinks it’s complete hogwash. You can hear a lot of the therapy at work in Howard’s life and it’s refreshing to hear from a guy like Jerry who has it so together without it.

I lead with this interview because this is one part of life that I’m noticing. If you read my post yesterday, you’d probably think I was a dick if you ever answered one of the math problems on Facebook. This isn’t a post I would have ever written years ago because I have never perceived the world as I do now. I look at life, specifically ads, differently than I did earlier. I’m very aware now of people who I feel are taking advantage of situations. This happens as you experience more life, you start to galvanize yourself to spots that you deem negative (and then critique them in your blog read by dozens).

How I pictured laundry.

How I pictured laundry.

I like thinking about how I thought about life when I was younger. This particular example came into my head when I noticed that every one of my pair of boxers was inside out after doing laundry. Now I know that if I just took the boxers and turned them the right way before I put them in the hamper, this would not be a problem. However, even after hundreds of times doing laundry, I still don’t. This made me wonder about getting smarter with age. It also made me remember this example when I was heading off to college. I had never done my laundry before and my plan was to ask a hot girl how to do laundry to meet new people. I look back on that now and wonder why on Earth a girl would ever want a mentally handicapped guy who didn’t know how to do his own laundry.

Trust me on this.

Trust me on this.

A final move where I think I’m being clever but am really an idiot was last night. I wanted to eat some Chick-Fil-A so I drove 15 minutes to get it and there was a 10 car back up in the drive through. I parked my car, was in an out in 3 minutes, and was proud of how much time I saved. I then drove 12 minutes back and parked my car. As I got out, I thought, “I spent 27 minutes driving to pick up chicken (and 1st class lemonade), what a waste of time.”

Aging-manWhat I’m pointing out is that you are always experiencing more life and you’re worldly views are always changing. When I was 20 I didn’t care what was going on outside my state. My world was a 2 mile radius. Now I’m in my 30’s and my world has expanded nationally and globally (to a small degree). By the time I’m 40 I’ll look back and say, “remember when I hardly ever traveled in my 30’s.”

I like aging. Sure I wish I was 25 again and I have plenty of regrets that I know I will never get the chance to act on again but that’s ok. I am who I am and these were the choices I made to get me to this point. Everyone can choose to live life their own way. There isn’t 1 right way. Literally there are 0 “right” ways. It’s what YOU want to do.

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Listening to the Talent

On the Chinese: “Still sticking with the chopsticks?” – Jerry Seinfeld

screen-shot-2015-06-08-at-11-14-09-amJerry Seinfeld did an interview with Howard Stern in ’13 that I suggest listening / watching if you enjoy Jerry.  I was blown away at how grounded Jerry is.  If you’ve listened to Howard for many years, you know that he’s gone to therapy 3 times a week for who knows how many years.  Jerry is the complete opposite of Howard with regard to psychology and you can tell the difference once you listen to him for an hour and half.

It’s important to pay attention to people of Jerry’s magnitude.  Listening to what they care about and how they live their life gives keys to successful people.  You can hear his determination with just about every sentence he says.  He’s always working.  He even says, “what else am I supposed to be doing?”  This is what connected for me because I ask that question often.  Perfecting his craft is what he is made to do.

s3e6_posterJerry shares praise with other comedians and his respect for the business is admirable.  He gets it.  He makes Howard seem like a neurotic nut which is humorous because Howard points our that Jerry always working is neurotic.  This isn’t taking any part away from Howard either because to conduct an interview for an hour an half with no boring pauses or lack of material is extremely difficult and he is a master.

adele_2013-650-430dI bring this to a town hall I heard with Adele and once again I listened carefully because she’s 25 and has sold the most albums this year in 3 days.  This is not a feat of some lucky schlub.  What I took from her was to always be yourself which is sort of a cheesy answer but I get it.  Not letting record company’s direct your music is why she comes off as so honest and natural.  I could also tell she wasn’t completely self absorbed when a fan would ask her a question, more often than not she posed the question right back.   It also helps when you surround yourself with talent which she has.

In order to get ahead in life (which is an odd way to look at life), people share the same characteristics.  Hard work.  Honesty.  Appreciation and learning from others.  I could probably go on but each person will take out varying ideas from these people.  Jerry also says, “if your only about the money, it will only take you so far.”


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Do You Walk To Work?


Here is the Jerry Seinfeld AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. It’s relatively long but you can probably finish it in 15 minutes if you understand the format.  If you like Seinfeld, it’s worth the time.  I was considering using this post to break it down but it’s too much info.  This however was one question and answer I can’t get out of my life:

What, above all other things, is the neatest most fascinating and cool thing you get to do on a daily basis?
[–]_Seinfeld[S] 3593 points 6 hours ago

WOW. First of all, GREAT question.

That I get to do on a daily basis? Probably walk to work. I think that’s about the coolest thing that there is. Or take my bike. If you can walk to work or take your bike on a daily basis, I think that’s just about the coolest thing that there is. Every morning I listen to the traffic on the radio, and they talk about how they are jammed and I just laugh. I love traffic. I love traffic reports because I’m not in any of them.

I’ve probably gotten the question, do you walk to work about 20 times since I moved into my place which is a 10 minute walk from where I work. People seem fascinated with the idea of being able to walk to work. I honestly don’t understand it and when I read Seinfeld write this I know I must be missing something.

I’ve commuted an hour each way when I lived at home in the burbs for 2 years.  Then my commute dropped to 25 minutes each way while I was in Manayunk.  The last 1+ years I’ve been within walking distance and I’ve drove about 98% of the time to work.  I’ve played and understand the traffic game and it seriously sucks.  It’s like giving up 2 hours of your livelihood a day to waste money on gas and put yourself through torture.  My commute currently has absolutely no traffic.  Why would I want to spend 10 minutes doing something that should only take 2 minutes.  It’s sacrificing 16 minutes a day to walk to work.  I’m not into wasting time and even if it’s a pleasurable walk, which I don’t think it is, I have no interest.  Other people who don’t have this luxury must be incredibly jealous because it’s the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear I live a few blocks away.  I’ve obviously belittled this point because if Seinfeld is commenting on it, it must be legit.

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