Workaholics Trailer is Tight Butthole

Workaholics Trailer

Workaholics TrailerThe new, uncensored Workaholics Trailer (there are boobs and blood) for the upcoming season premiering January 14th has been released.  Workaholics is the best show on Comedy Central and it’s quite apparent that the crew has been given enough money to do whatever they want.

These guys are great.  I love how they made a trailer that has nothing to do with the season.  It’s basically saying, we know you know what we do so we are going to have fun doing it.  A few observations.

  • A little manscaping wouldn't hurt.

    A little manscaping wouldn’t hurt.

    Did you see Montez’ pubic hair in the trailer?

  • The special effects on the Karl shooting is a bit off.
  • Anyone think Alice is hot?  I actually don’t but I know people do.
  • Workaholics Vo

    Volvo sales have Tripled.

    Wayman is a must for every show.

  • I missed the VO the first time I watched it.


What people overlook is the cleverness of the dialogue in this show.  It’s more than gross out humor which it has tons of.  What Blake, Ders, and Adam find funny is a smarter version of what you and your friends find funny.

The song by Vanessa Carlton is in the background intro is money and this clip defines their personalities if you’ve never seen the show.