The Hunger Within

Hyena Lion KingA title like this makes you think that the post is about reaching deep inside to achieve a lofty goal…wrong.  It’s actually about me being hungry.  I ate breakfast at 8am today and I got carried away at work and didn’t have a chance to eat until 1:45.  As I was walking to pick up my chicken Ceasar wrap I wondered how long I could go without eating.  Then I thought about a hungry hyena in the Serengeti who hasn’t eaten an antelope in the last 10 days.

The thought of survival taking place without having a meal being placed in front of you was disturbing to me.  As a human, if I was going on 7 days without food, I’m pretty sure I’d go to desperate measures to assure my survival.  Oh there’s Jim walking down the street… STONE COLD STUNNER… just enough time for me to eat his foot.

fruit-flies_6This led to me to another bizarre thought that included the life of a fly.  If a fly flies into my car and I shut him in and drive down the road for 10 minutes, when I let it out, does it seem like he just went an absurd distance?  Can it exist in an environment it isn’t used to?  Does it even realize it?