Hottest Girls on 2015 Women’s World Cup Team

I’m not a very respected blogger so it seems fitting that I use this post to show a lack of respect to women’s soccer and instead of writing about their 3-1 victory over Australia Monday evening, I point out who the best looking players are.  I watched the 2nd half and 4 of the 5 girls I mention played and the other one I’m just assuming is on the team because I looked at a website.  I’m also pretty sure that Megan Rapinoe and Abby Wambach get it on.


5. Tobin Heath
27 years old and “perhaps the USA’s most skillful player.” Has that girl next door look and obviously quite a talent. I’ve never heard of her before so I can’t write much except she both looks good and plays well.

4. Amy Rodriguez
The female A-rod. She’s 28, has a baby, and is a devout Christian. I’m not seeing that she gets a lot of playing time but she’s a beauty nonetheless.

3. Hope Solo
Hope Solo is crazy. An entire blog post could be dedicated to her lunatic ways. Recently, all charges were dropped against her after she attacked her sister’s 17 year old (who apparently is 6-8), who then hit her over the head with a broomsick, and then she was taken away in handcuffs by police all while being plastered. Either way she’s pretty hot and the obvious face of the team as the goalie. Plus who can forget the Hope Solo scary vagina pics from the Fappening. Do not let your curiosity get the better of you on this one. Trust me. She’s also one of the best goaltenders in the world which is why she gets away with being crazy.

2. Alex Morgan
I knew Alex Morgan was attractive but I wasn’t really sure what she did. It turns out she doesn’t even start for the national team and got in with 10 minutes left in a 3-1 game. Either way she is a beautiful woman who is good enough to play on the team. What a babe.

1. Julie Johnston
Alex Morgan is the obvious #1 but that’s too easy. If Julie Johnston is caught at the right angles, she’s a dime. Up close and from the front is not her best look. From afar and on the field, she’s top notch. She’s only 23 and the sweeper for the team. What do you think of her?

Tell me she doesn’t stand out like sore thumb.

Beach time ❤️

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