The Intrigue of Handwritten Notes

handwritten notesThere is a naughty, adrenaline pumping feeling that gets created when you read a piece of handwritten information you are not supposed to read. This sense is similar to watching a person who does not know you are watching them. The mystery in what they are going to do next in a completely natural setting is the most fascinating human observation.  Notes work the same way.

I remember in 6th grade I secretly picked up a note dropped by Morgan Watkins for Anne Marie (I can’t remember how to spell her last name) and instantly felt giddy. I kept it hidden in my backpack because I was certain it was going to have top secret information that was going to create a rumor mill all across the Blue team. When I was safely back at my house I opened the note and it said, “is your mom driving us to the mall later?” I was disappointed.

mscl-noteThis little anecdote speaks volumes in the nature of hand written notes. When someone goes to the trouble to write a note down on a piece of paper, you deem this info at important or personal. People like knowing intimate information about other people. Deep down it makes you feel like more of a person knowing how other people carry out business that is for their eyes only.

My dad keeps a non-secretive TCB (taking care of business) list that I will glance at to see what he prioritizes as work to get done. He hand writes it and it gives me insight into his life. It helps me understand the way he ticks. When you can gain insight into what another person feels is meaningful information, you can use this knowledge to make yourself feel appreciated by giving this person what they are looking for. One of the main purposes of life is to feel appreciated.

Nosy-NeighborIt should also be noted that handwritten notes can be used as a means of creating false info to throw snoops off. There is nothing worse than a snoop because it shows distrust. Notice the disconnect between this post. On one hand I say to look at handwritten messages to gain info to gain a closer knowledge base about the person and on the other I say there is nothing worse than a snoop. I wish I could say that this post had this conclusion in mind when I started but I only arrived at it by accident. /post.