Frank Kaminsky Cost Me Money

Young Frank Kaminsky

Young Frank Kaminsky

That title couldn’t actually have been further from the truth. Big Frank played like a beast burning Okafor multiple times for easy lay ups. He also hit a late 3 that was as clutch as it gets (it obviously didn’t matter).


Grayson Allen gettin UP!

Freshmen Grayson Allen gave Duke a huge spark with an unbelievable ability to get to the hoop and finish. Apparently he has the highest vertical on the team. Combine him with Tyus Jones hitting clutch shot after clutch shot and Duke was too much to handle.  The refs also seemed to balance their first half lopsided calling against Duke in the second half.   Krzyzewski earned his 5th national championship trailing only John Wooden (10).

This game cost me this:

jordanspiethMy account still has $300 bucks in it but it’s a far cry from the K I was at over a month ago. Either way I’m still pleased with my ability to gamble off of the same money, $100, since the NFL playoff’s started. The Master’s are coming up and you can guarantee I’m going to be looking for some action. You think it’s hard to bet against this guy?