I completely understand how people go postal.  It would never happen to me because couldn’t let myself do something crazy but I’ll give a quick explanation of how it happens.  I have a 25 minute commute when there is normal traffic.  Today I start my drive and immediately there is construction ahead but the workers don’t block off the entrance so people are driving into the construction and then being forced to turn around which creates a giant clusterfuck of cars.   I navigate that with only a quick detour.  I merge onto Kelly from Ridge which always has traffic but I’m used to it.  There is one light on Kelly that I literally have never gotten through on one try.  Meaning it is always red and I have to stop there every morning instead of cruising through on a green.  Kelly drive is fine traffic wise and I get to the art museum no problem.  I take race.  At about 13th and race there is a giant truck backing into this tiny garage and literally halts traffic for a couple of minutes.  Then race intersects broad and some numnuts is in such a hurry he runs a red light only to be stopped in the middle of the intersection blocking everyone from crossing.  I finally cross and then there is a cement truck moseying his way back and forth halting traffic for what seemed like 10 minutes.  My 25 minute commute took me 45 minutes and then writing about it took me another 5 for a total waste of 25 total minutes.  On a good note Lucy, the radio station, played Shimmer by Fuel, In the Blood by Better than Ezra, and Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins so at least the radio was doing its job.