Lifes tough questions – and my answers

Why do we pay more for brand name products? I think it’s fair to say that the generics and knockoffs are essentially exact duplicates of the originals. Will my pain be relieved less if I use a generic prescription from Teva instead of an overpriced pill from Pfizer or Merck? Are my clothes going to smell better if I use Tide instead of the Xtra Scentsations that costs $2.00 at CVS? Is my Polo shirt going to let me bang more chicks then if I were wearing a Izod? The answer is most likely no. Yet for some items I have no problem paying the extra money for something that makes me feel comfortable in using. Why would I chance some off-brand shampoo that could potentially make my hair fall out? Why use a knock off Driver when all I want to do is hit the ball straight and I’m putting my faith in quality names to do the required research. The extra money is spent for the comfort of knowing it’s right. Everyone is always looking for the best deal but the best deal isn’t always the cheapest. Unless it comes to drinking water when the cheapest is usually no different than the most expensive. I’d rather eat Goobers any day over chocolate flavored peanuts.

It amazes me the longevity of some pornstar’s careers. Jenna Jameson and Lisa Ann has been around for a decade now and it just completely boggles my mind. After a handful of scenes you’d think they would have covered most regular positions like missionary, doggy, 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl… So once that gets old then they move to anal scenes which probably pay more money and prove you are willing to try anything. Once they get their fill of anal scenes (nice word choice) then they move to some bukakke and group orgy’s. Now I believe that is fairly standard evolution of the pornstar career. I’m sure they mix it up with some lesbian stuff and different bros but I feel like this is a career of high turnover which makes me wonder how some of these girls have been around so long. I assume the goal of being a pornstar is to make as much money while you’re young and good looking so you don’t have to work when the boobs sag and the looks go. The real motivating factor of the pornstar is to make enough money so that you can begin to assemble a team of whores and start producing your own movies with new talent. I know I didn’t answer a question there but just wanted to point out how unbelievable it is the staying power of some of these starlets and how their audience never wavers.

Why is everything that is fun illegal or bad for you? I’ve never really been into a lot of drugs but it’s weird how things that can make you feel so good can be so bad for you. Chocolate tastes so good (I actually don’t prefer it but it’s part of the example) but it makes you fat and is unhealthy. Getting drunk is fun but it leads to a huge amount of calorie intake and makes you do stupid things plus leads to feeling awful in the morning. It would be cool to spend your life doing nothing but hanging out and traveling around but unless you have an ample supply of cash, this is not easily accomplished. Life makes it so you have to do things that you don’t like, ie. work, to pay for things that you do like, ie get drunk, so that you get stuck in a balancing act to survive properly. I guess it’s fair to say that if there were no consequences to all the fun things, then everyone would do them and we’d be a society of fucked up people who don’t get anything done. Funny the way things were created.