Top 5 Alt Bands

The Top 5 Current Alt bands is not a subjective list.    Bands can be rated based on the quality of their output and how receptive the people are to their music.  Plenty of people will say their indie band is the best but they are not being realistic to standards.  These bands rise to the top because of the amount of work and effort that they put into their music.  They are essentially the most talented at producing music that people want to listen to.  It doesn’t have to sound the same, but these bands produce top notch music.


The Top 5 Alt Bands


 5. Bastille

bastille-600x450Dan Smith chose the name Bastille because his birthday is the same as Bastille Day.   The 4 person group formed in London in 2010.  Not much was heard from this band until the release of Pompeii in February 2013.  Pompeii promptly became one of the top songs of the year and has currently over 92 million listens on Spotify.  To give you an idea of how big this is, Roar by Katy Perry has 90 million.    Their first studio album Bad Blood was released in March and it’s safe to say that it was one of the best alternative albums of the year.  Bastille isn’t just a one hit wonder. Songs like Things We Lost In The Fire, Bad Blood, These Streets, and Weight of Living are all awesome tracks.   With 526,804 Spotify followers, this band has too big of a following to overlook for this list.


4. Awolnation

Aaron Bruno of Awolnation

Aaron Bruno of Awolnation

I truly would like to put Awol at #1 but the lack of catalog keeps me holding them back.  Aaron Bruno is intense and the music is even more so.  I’ve seen them twice in concert and both times the music lifts the concert to unforeseen levels.  The music is so in your face, these songs kick ass, I’m feeling pumped listening to them, I think I may have seizure.  It’s a feeling that other bands not only don’t, but can’t generate.  Sail, Awol’s most popular song, currently have over 100 million listens on Spotify and the band has 458k followers.  Megalithic Symphony was released in 2011 and only a few new tracks have been released since then.  The band said that they will release a 2nd studio album “sometime in 2014.”  A tidbit on the band’s name, “In an interview with Kristin Houser of the LA Music Blog, he stated that he “would leave without saying goodbye because it was just easier, so that’s where the name Awol [slang from the military acronym for Absent Without Ordered Leave] came from.”


3. Foster the People

Cover art of Foster the People's new Album Supermodel - Available Mar 18th

Cover art of Foster the People’s new Album Supermodel – Available Mar 18th

A highly anticipated album called Supermodel is being released on March 18th and I’m Pumped (up kicks) for it.   The song Coming of Age has already been released as a single and it was a nice tease to what is going to drop.  Foster the People has released a total of 11 songs currently.  Only 11.  Amazingly all 11 are quality songs which is why this album is so heavily anticipated.  Foster said in November 2013 that the new album is “more organic and more human”.     Foster the People’s following on Spotify has climbed to 865k followers with Pumped Up Kicks getting more than 63 million listens.  If the album doesn’t live up to expectations, Mark Foster will be one sad pup.


2. Young the Giant

young-the-giantI should be most ridiculed for this pick on my list.  Young is the least well known on this list but I’m so floored by their second album that I have to bump them this high.  Anagram is my favorite song of the new year followed by Mind Over Matter.  The pace of the songs are so awesome that I find myself nodding along just feeling the song.  They lyrics are all understandable and mean something which adds to it.  What I’m most excited about is the songs I named aren’t even the most popular on the album.  It’s About Time and Crystalized have already been mentioned on bigger a scale.  I sometimes don’t even get to the later part of the album which sucks for me.   Adding to the their first album which had many hits as well, this band is going to turn into Old the Giant.  To be consistent with this post, they have 284k Spotify followers and Cough Syrup has 17 million listens.


1. Imagine Dragons

Imagine DragonsThis is the easiest #1 there is right now and you should all learn the name Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons.  Night Visions was the 4th best selling album of 2013 and Radioactive was the most listened to song of 2013 with 174 million listens on Spotify.    I’m not sure people understand how good Night Visions is.  It could become the 4th best selling album on Radioactive and It’s Time alone.  People don’t even know about the rest of the album.  The deluxe edition of Imagine Dragons has 15 tracks and 15 tracks are wonderful.  I still listen to this album.  I use Imagine Dragons as my Spotify radio.  Did I mention they blew the doors in with this remix of Radioactive with Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy’s?   These guys do it all and are the best band out at the moment.  They plan to hit the studio this year but no date of a new album is announced.  What separates this band is the lyrics to their music.  Some of my most memorable lines from their songs are “the path to heaven run through miles of clouded hell” and “don’t wanna let you down, but I am hell bound.”

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Foster The People – Coming of Age (Mural Time – Lapse)

This video is how Foster the People creates buzz about their upcoming album, Supermodel, that is going to be released on March 18th. Not only is the music video awesome, the song hooks you without even listening to it. I know this is a weird way to put it but it’s such a chill beat and the chorus isn’t overwhelming. This is exactly why I liked the first album so much, you could have it on and there was nothing in the music that made me say, “I don’t like this.” If you were having people over for a party, Foster the People would be the perfect mood setter.  This song takes over the formula of what made the first album so popular.

Torches was a mere 10 songs which is why people are going to go apeshit over this 12 track release. The best songs on Torches were passed over in my opinion. Waste and Warrant never even hit the radio. Coming of Age seems like it’s going to be hitting the radio in a big, big way with 80,000 Youtube views in the first day, it’ll hit a million by the end of the week. I’m even a little annoyed at myself because I’m going to play it out shortly and get sick of it.  The lyrics are concise but catchy.  I hate to even try to find meaning in them (because I’m probably wrong) but they’re about a guy who has people in his life that he has to leave behind in order to fulfill his personal goals which cause destruction.  The Coming of Age is understanding this.  The lyrics can be found here.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

A quick dissection of the coolest part of the song, the music video. The build process of the mural is so unique and shows how long it really takes when compared to the world is neat to watch. I enjoyed the lady working at 2:45 because seeing someone in a day to day fast forward is eye catching. The traffic at 3:00 and how slowly the hoist moves when compared to the world nails it completely.   The end result seemed to be a woman in high heels, standing on gold and puking out lyrics that look to be a river in the city. A few of the lyrics read:

Aphids sucking the red off a rose
But for beauty I will gladly feed my life
Into the mouths of rainbows
Their technicolor teeth cutting prisms and smiling benevolently
On the pallid hue of the
Working class hero (a tribute to John Lennon perhaps?)

Also because I’m on top of the alternative music game, the video uses annotations to point out the following music videos:
Augustines – Nothing To Lose But Your Head

Body Language – The First

Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

Jake Bugg – A Song About Love

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Top 5 We Need More of in 2011

5. Courtney StoddenCourtney Stodden is a 17 year old who married Doug Hutchinson, a 51 year old. She actually got married when she was 16. How you ask? Her mother signed off on the marriage. Doug Hutchinson is a relatively famous actor who played a nut case guard in the Green Mile. Easy to see how he was so good at his role. Back to her, with a plastic body and not even being an adult yet, it’s easy to see where the attention comes from. Undeserved perhaps but my guess is people love watching an immature, bimbo do stupid things on reality TV (which will happen soon). I’m curious.

4. Foster the People – I’m anticipating their second album more than Sloane from Entourage posing for Playboy. Not really but it’s close. Torches is really hitting its stride 6 months after its initial debut. With 4 songs that already have had radio time (only 10 were on the cd) it’s easy to see how hyped people are. This band would be my choice for best new band of 2011 and it’s not even close.

3. Rob Gronkowski – Single season TD record for a TE all time and hanging out with 19 year old pornstars?!? Seriously this guy is the complete player. That’s a great pun. I picked him up off of the waivers in 3 leagues to give you an idea of who knew about this guy. 6-6, 265 and he’s only 22. Just a guess but he’s going to be a top 3 TE for the next 10 years. Bibi Jones, the pornstar in the picture, was my number 6 for this list. Gronk would be on my top 10 list of people to party with.

2. Spotify – I swear this will be the last time I plug spotify but I can’t tell you how much I listen to it. I’m listening to it right now and it hasn’t even caught on yet. You create your own playlists and share them with friends. Currently I’m just listening to my own playlists (which are obviously awesome) but I’d love to listen to what other people consider good music. Most likely I’ll just demean other people’s tastes but at least I have the option. A really fun way to listen to music (minus the ads).

1. Game of Thrones – My #1 is a bit high because I’ve read the books by George R.R Martin. They were phenomenal. However, watching the series is what led me on to the books. I probably won’t enjoy the HBO series as much but I still think it will be awesome to see how the producers took the book to create the series. HBO has tons of great series and this one will be no different. If people think Ned Start being beheaded was overboard, just wait what’s to come.

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Foster the People vs Led Zeppelin

Just to make sure Mark’s comment doesn’t get buried below I will share this song which I also think is pretty good. This song isn’t on Torches though which was why I’ve never heard it until watching the video. This was the first time I saw Mark Foster before and it sort of surprised me that his voice sounds that way even live. Foster the People sound like a really cool concert to go to even though the audience seems comatose. They rock out towards the end a bit but whenever I see people rocking out I always come back to this song.

If you don’t have the time to listen to the whole song I would suggest skipping to 3:30 to hear some of the best rock and roll of all time. This is why no one can compare to Led Zeppelin. You first hear Foster the People, one of the hottest groups out in 2011, rocking out and then you hear perhaps the greatest rock and roll group of all time putting them to shame. I know this isn’t a fair comparison but I’m just making a point of why rock has never stepped up to where it was back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I wonder what Robert Plant thinks of these bands in today’s era?

I’m gonna make one final attempt to urge people to join spotify because it really is a cool service. I’ve been listening to my own music for the most part because like usual it’s very difficult to get people to create playlists so the entire community can listen to their music. Basically you share playlists with all your facebook friends but no one interacts but me and a few others. I’ve created lists with songs that I like and I pretty much just listen to them myself. However, I’d be happy for new people to introduce me to new music. A sample spotify:user:129434542:playlist:6jukaHPOTO8eRN5mbNLRqj

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Foster the People – Torches

You’ll notice that my first two songs of the day were by Foster the People. I recently bought the CD which was an experience in itself. I haven’t bought a CD in ages but I had a best buy gift card and had some money to blow. There was exactly one copy of Foster the People’s CD left. I found it very unusual what Best Buy was doing to try to trick customers into thinking CD’s still sold. They had a shelf of the most popular artists and there would only be 2 or 3 copies of the CD on the shelf to give the illusion that the CD was selling. I found this to be a unique, underhanded way of marketing but let me discuss this CD for a minute.

Mark Foster is pretty much the band from what I understand. There are 2 other members but he seems to do everything (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, guitar, programming). Torches is only 10 tracks but the CD only cost 10 bucks so I only felt slightly slighted. The 3 known songs, Pumped Up Kicks, Houdini, and Helena Beat are all overplayed at this point in my mind but still quality if they are new to you. I found two gems though in Wasted and Warrant. The other 5 songs all fall somewhere in the mediocre category but still worth listening to. Considering I don’t by many CD’s, I’ve found this one to be on the positive side. I also bought a CD by Best Coast, it was supposed to be one of Mark Hoppus and Hailey Williams favorite new bands, and I thought it was completely atrocious. I’ll stick with Foster the People. Their sound is just very unique and fun to listen to.

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Foster the People

Just to keep people in tune with what I think is good music.

Their most popular and overplayed song.

And my favorite Panic song off the new album

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