Formal Plaza Pizza Apology / New Blame on Fireside Bar & Grill

Thousands of people were protesting outside of Plaza Pizza on Wednesday afternoon after I called them out for giving me food poisoning.  After further review, this was declared “unstortzman-like” conduct.   Thank Jeff for that gem.

sick catJKash called me on Wednesday and told me that he was recovering from a similar like vomiting / nausea that I was going through the previous days.  He said that Leah, who also got sick, was taking the blame for getting people ill because she had been hanging around her sister who had a stomach bug.  I thought to myself it would be odd if she got people sick because although we were all together on Saturday, it wasn’t exactly tight quarters and we weren’t sharing anything.  The search began.

I texted the Shee and asked:



Shee and I like to joke about Mario golf being real golf which explains the last line. I took it upon myself to add everyone else to the email chain we had going around and see if anyone else got sick. No one did. I wrote this to Fireside.


I have yet to get a response which I find somewhat rude because it’s not a joking matter. 4 people getting sick who’s only common place together was at Upper Dublin basketball game and Fireside Bar & Grill. You do the math.

My guess is it wasn’t the food because 7 of us ate there. 2 people who didn’t get sick didn’t drink any alcohol and then there is an outlier who drank Guiness and some other type of beer that didn’t get sick. Any other thoughts on what I may be missing?