Evan Gattis Welcomes Me to Fantasy Baseball

I joined a fantasy baseball league having minimal fantasy baseball knowledge.  I used my resources and had Brookes and Bud draft my team for me because I would have done an awful job.  At the end of the day I had a team put together for week 1 which completed on Sunday.  I lost 206 – 188 but had one stinging position from the man below.


My catcher went 0-20 with 12 strike outs and 1 walk for a total of -11 points. To think that a person who didn’t swing at any pitch would have been better than Evan is painful. His pitiful performance aside, it only took a week to get a better understanding of what type of a team will win.

  • Relief pitchers who don’t get saves are shit.  Brookes is a big Ken Giles fan but 2.5 points once in a while isn’t going to cut it.
  • Hitters who don’t hit home runs are shit.  6 pts per dinger.  If I guy goes 2-20 and his two homers count for 12 whereas another guy goes 12-20 on all singles, they are scoring the same total.  Hypothetical obviously but it demonstrates the power of the HR.
  • Gotta Stream.  Evan told me a story of how someone in his league was pissed he was streaming pitchers.  LOL.  I’m hardly a good owner but I should have been hawking Sunday starters on Wednesday.  To lose a game by 18 and knowing I wasn’t even prepared with a stream is noob city.
  • A starting pitcher who is also a reliever!  Jackpot!
  • I find myself looking to pick up players who I’ve heard of and this usually leads to aging athletes.  I picked up A-Rod (against Brookes request but power is key) and Ubaldo Jimenez who I know was good in 2010 and that was about it.  It’s difficult for me to pick up rookies or young players because I’ve never heard of them and have no idea their potential.

Major League 2Does fantasy baseball make me like watching baseball more?  No, it doesn’t.  However, I like being competitive and this is another means of testing wits.  With past fantasy football success, I think I’ll be able to overcome the struggles of having no idea what I’m doing to climbing the ranks.  I feel like the Cleveland Indians in Major League.