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You're a snake, you asshole.

This is Ethan Haskell who used the private info.  You’re a snake.

The big story out now is that a mid-level employee of DraftKings placed for 350k in a FanDuel tourney in Week 3.  Things get interesting when it’s leaked that this employee had prior knowledge of player ownership % prior to the tournament starting.  For those who don’t participate in DFS, this matters because us laymen don’t get this info until the contest starts.   Why does this matter?

This week, 49% of people in the DraftKings Millon used Karlos Williams and only 16% chose Devontae Freeman.  If you knew this info ahead of time, you’d probably be more apt to fade Karlos and pick Devontae.  The idea being that you don’t want the same players that everyone else has because you tend to fall further into the pack.  Differentiating your lineup helps tremendously.

Integrity is Questioned

Csuram88 placed in the Top 25 in Week 4. He had 250+ entries in the million.

Csuram88 placed in the Top 25 in Week 4. He had 250+ entries in the million.

When gambling is involved, people look to cheat.  This scenario is far worse because it’s actually the house that’s cheating the players.  Not directly but the checks and balances involved for this growing industry are not satisfactory when their employees are using private information for their own personal benefit.  The players are outraged because the sites are already cleaning house that the least they can expect is a fair game and that’s not what they are getting.

Who Cares?

Info from the NYTimes

We hate you and your reaction from all the commercials.

We hate you and your reaction from all the commercials.

Eilers Research, which studies the industry, estimates that daily games will generate around $2.6 billion in entry fees this year and grow 41 percent annually, reaching $14.4 billion in 2020. So high are the potential financial rewards that DraftKings and FanDuel have found eager partners in N.F.L. teams, even as league executives remain staunch opponents of sports betting.

Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Robert K. Kraft of the New England Patriots have stakes in DraftKings, which recently struck a three-year deal with the N.F.L. to become a partner of the league’s International Series in Britain, where sports betting is legal. In addition, DraftKings has tapped hundreds of millions of dollars from Fox Sports, and FanDuel has raised similar amounts from investors like Comcast, NBC and KKR.


It doesn’t feel right.  Not only are the lowly players playing against DraftKing Pros who submit hundreds of entries, but also against employees of rival sites.  What’s weirder is the actual NFL teams have rooting interest in the success of these sites!  The fucking fuck!  This has to compromise some aspect of this “fair” contest.  Oh, Jerry’s personal assistant heard that Christine Michael is going to get all the touches this week and inserted him in his lineup.  Where does it end?

This doesn’t actually effect me because my wagers are minuscule compared to others but I no longer think the playing field of this industry is even.  When I go to a casino, I understand my odds aren’t 50-50.  When I pay DraftKings their fee, I expect to have a fair game.  That is not happening until regulation steps in and corrals these assholes.

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THE Fantasy Football Post – Week 1

W0gMcI’m not a fantasy guru so take any advice I give at your own expense. I will however be participating in just about every form of football oriented activity from fantasy, to Draftkings, to Fanduel, to eliminator, to survival, and last but not least straight up action on games. It’ll be a wild year.

I’ll start with what I’ve found to be the most interesting in the DFS leagues. Here are my teams for FanDuel and Draftkings. It’s only Tuesday so there will most likely be changes come game time but you can see who I’m looking at with value. May have to click the pictures to see the teams.



Jameis most likely will be subbed out but he’s cheap and better than Tyrod and Cousins.  Bradford is the safer play but then I have to alter every part of the squad.  Value favors Lacy, Martin, and DeMarco at RB.  A-Pete and the ODB team is pure high risk, high reward.  I’m ALL IN on Julio this week with John Brown and Landry as cheap options who I just am looking for a solid outing. The TE in Rodgers is a huge risk but his price is so great to be the starting TE on the Packers. Seattle is the only defensive play this week.



I’ve taken a different route picking more of players who I like to explode and not worrying so much about what is considered value.  I’m staying as cheap as possible with Tyrod and sprinkling a little J. Hill, Lacy, DeMarco, A Pete, C Ivory, and Jamaal.  I’ve tested teams with Davante Adams and A Hurns as cheap options.  ODB, Cooks, Matthews, Cooper, and Julio are all guys I like.  Olsen and Bennet are safer plays with more upside than Rodgers.  Chandler Catanzaro was offered to me as advice and I’d still stick with Seattle.


Week 1 Games

  • bradyCovers has the Pats vs Steelers as virtually a pickem and the line going off at Pat -7 at home.  My general principal is to be on the opposite side of where you think the public is and with this game as an even draw it’s not a game to go crazy on. The Pats offense is going to be shaky with Brady having the entire off season drama, Gronk not playing a game, and the team having pretty much no star RB’s or WR’s.  With this quick take, you’d think to pound the Steelers.  Cool your jets.  LeVeon Bell is suspended and their defense is pretty much non-existent.  AB can’t win this game himself.  I tend to lean towards the Pats – 7.
  • Not this year toots. It's Lindsay Duke. Bortle's old GF.

    Not this year toots. It’s Lindsay Duke. Bortle’s old GF.

    GB (-6.5 & 67%) vs Bears, Miami (-3.5 & 65%) vs Redskins, and Carolina (-3 & 67%) vs Jags are the heavy action on Covers.   Green Bay vs the Bears is a divisional game at Chicago and the Bears are getting no respect.  I’d take the Bears as a home dog to cover but would stay away.  The Redskins are pretty much a joke this year and Miami is being hyped up as a playoff team.  These don’t always swing the way the public thinks and I expect a close game from Cousins and the Skins at home as another home dog.  Sticking with the trend, I’d bet on the home dog one more time as Jags +3 because the Panthers are going to be a lousy team offensively and the Jags will show an offense that no one has seen before with A Rob, Hurns, and Yeldon.

  • Win me that money.

    Win me that money.

    Bucs (-3 & 56%) over Tennessee is going to be my pick of the week.  Jameis will ignite this team with his legs if all else fails.  Not having Mike Evans may sway my vote here but I have no faith in any part of Tennessee.  They have one of the worst defenses in the league, no good RB’s, Kendall Wright is decent, and a QB who is playing for the first time.  Of course you could make this argument about Jameis but the home team is the play in this game.


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Depositing Into Draft Kings

fanduel-draftkings-650x400Yesterday I took the plunge and put $100 into DraftKings to receive a $100 bonus.  Normally I’d take more advantage of a bonus but I’m trying to do a better job at losing my money at a slower bleed rate.

I’ve been playing Fanduel for a few years and this is the first year I’ll give DraftKings a shot.  I look at it as having accounts on Stars, Party, and Full Tilt.  If you’ve never heard of these companies, you don’t play fantasy sports.  Consumers have gravitated towards daily tournaments over season long leagues (which millions still do) because of the following reasons:

  • Action – games begin and end on a daily basis.  Players crave action.
  • More donks, less sharks – This is turning as more professionals are trying to make a living at daily leagues.  However, early on in these leagues, fish are everywhere ready to burn their bank account.
  • It’s addictive and feels like the lottery.  One lucky break in a big tournament and you can cash for tens or hundreds of thousands, even a million bucks.


The Daily Fantasy Sports Landscape

wsj-yahoo-dfsYahoo has entered the daily games which is a major step towards revenue.  A few years ago they got into allowing customers to play season long money leagues, now they are ready to allow daily leagues.  This is a smart decision but a bit too late as they are already trailing the leaders, Fanduel and Draft Kings.

Fanduel raised $275 million recently and has a post money valuation of $1.275 billion.  They had $57 million in revenue in 2014 with 1.1 million paid, active users.

Draftkings raised $126 million and is valued at more than $1 billion.  They had $30 million in revenue and 414,000 active users.  A huge benefit is that they struck a deal with ESPN that allows it to advertise exclusively through 2016.


Why I Deposited in Draft Kings

The British Open is this week and I want some action.  I’ve been following the golf closer this year than I have in the past and my theory is that hot golfers are the place to put your money.  Here is the team I assembled with the idea of swapping Louie into the mix.

Draft Kings Open 7.16.15

Jordan SpiethI read an article in the Journal today about Jordan Spieth and how good of a putter he is.  Here are the stats:

  • On average this year, when Spieth misses his first putt, the ball comes to rest just 23 inches from the hole.
  • He has 3 putted only 1.82% of holes played this year.
  • Relative to this competitors, his putting insides 20 feet is pedestrian, but from anywhere beyond that, he puts the ball in the hole nearly 14% of the time.
  • McCormick, who works with elite golfers at various levels, has given Spieth tests that can quantify a player’s green reading aptitude and said Spieth scores in “the 99.9th percentile.”
  • A tidbit at the US open that Spieth won on a Dustin Johnson miss.  They both had a putt of similar lengths for eagle, DJ missed his by 4 feet, Spieth 7 inches.  How to be a champ.

To go along with Spieth I added:

dannyleeDanny Lee – Won the White Brier and was 1 back of Speith in the John Deere.  From New Zealand and a flier.

Lee Westwood – Shee says he’s the best golfer never to win a major.  Most likely will be swapped out.

Kevin Na – Not great win stats recently but making 16 of 19 cuts is admirable.

Rickie Fowler – Won the Scottish Open and has sick results in majors.

Kevin Kisner – 4 top 10 finishes in his last 7 tournaments.  Value city.

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FanDueling to the Money

The Fanduel team below will most likely lead me to a $500 dollar cash prize, $475 net. Many thanks go to the Wevs and the Wads who both played integral parts in its creation. I originally had Eric Decker and the Wads suggested Tavon Austin who not only outperformed but gave me more cap space. Then the Wevs told me, “Ike Taylor sucks” and Josh Gordon was going to go nuts which is exactly what he did. I added my main man Jamaal Charles which was the icing on the cake for a big week. The only way I don’t get first is if Frank Gore goes for 26+ points in a half point ppr. Happy days are here again. Actually I am probably down about 250 for the season in FanDuel and another 200 betting so this will bring me back to even.


The Pigskin Pickem is also providing huge entertainment as the Shee is tied for 3 in the world out of 500,000+ entries. I’m not too shabby at 226th but 8 games behind which is pretty major at this point in the season. We had the Pats last night in what can only be described as a thriller. Unfortunately, the group we are in is my brother’s work and the sheer domination from outside competition isn’t my intention. The Shee and I have a tie-breaker set up for tonight (both going the Niners obviously) that will have one of us winning 8 of 12 weeks? I seriously feel bad.

As a football themed post, my fantasy teams are almost all finished with an outside chance of hitting the 6th spot but that’s mostly wishful thinking. The Wild Turkeys need everything to go right next week but that is what happened last year so I still have hope. I don’t have much of an explanation for why I was so terrible this year but it’s just the was the cookie crumbles in fantasy. A few players on the shit list though are Steven Jackson, Run DMC, Dwayne Bowe, Trent Richardson, and Doug Martin. The players I love this year are Cam, Jamaal, Josh Gordon, and Kendell Wright is slowly creeping up the ranks. Rough season though.

To finish this post I will write about our intramural co-ed football team playoff game. To keep is simple, we got rolled by what was, frankly speaking, a better team. It wasn’t all that much fun losing. They hit open spots and their players didn’t make mistakes and our offense wasn’t as sharp as theirs. Tough season. We’ve never been able to climb back to the summit of our very first season what was probably 4 years ago.

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