The dilution of a TV series

It’s a sad day when a good TV series goes bad. It happens all the time and for various reasons. The most obvious thing is that once a new show is “good” or even “great”, it sets the bar for the following seasons. Ideally a show would want to be average and continue to improve but more often than not, no body watches an average TV show. So basically the shows that make it all start out good, hit their peak, and then descent down to nearly unwatchable. Once a show has been good for 4-5 years, there is no incentive to end at the height of the show. It’s a money maker and creators will milk it for what it’s worth. Starting from scratch is insane. Aside from The Wire, which quit after 5 awesome seasons, I have 4 shows that I think fall into this category.

The Simpsons

The first Simpsons episode aired in 1989 and has been continuing for 22+ years. This is unheard of. This is the longest running American sitcom. With 488 episodes, this will be my number one candidate for a show that has diluted itself into oblivion. Is this show still good? I honestly don’t know. I stopped watching 10 years ago when I felt the episodes declined into mediocrity. The ratings describe this as well. In 1990, the Simpsons drew 13.4 million households. In 1999, that total using the same metrics declined to 8.2 million. In 2000, there was a switch to actual viewers and that boosted ratings to 14.7 million viewers (which I suspect is comparable to the 8.2 million households.) In 2011, that number is down to 7.3 million actual viewers (probably half that in households.) The show has been on a decline and I assume they just continue making it because it’s the Simpsons and it can be put in history books no matter how shitty it becomes. No one will forget Mr Plow, Don Mattingly’s sideburns, Lisa needing braces, or who shot Mr. Burns, but no one will remember any episode after the year 2000.


Who wasn’t fascinated with a look into Hollywood movie star Vinny Chase, his agent Ari and his amusing gang of friends in 2004. This show gave your everyday TV viewer a glimpse into Hollywood. Plot lines were simple with Vince’s attempt to be famous, E and director Billy Walsh’s conflicts, and Ari’s job trying to keep Vince out of trouble. The Aquaman season that brought Vince to fame and all the cool things that success brought was the height of the show. The Medeillin plot line in the 4th season is when things started to turn. The 5th season brought about Smoke Jumper, a movie with Vince as a firefighter, and a terrible decision to bring Turtle into a major plot line with a relationship with Jamie Lynn Sigler. If they would have made an epic 5th season and quit, this show would go down as greatness. Instead the 6th season is complete trash. Vince is out of the action, Turtle is in college, Drama on a TV show and E dating a girl (Ashley) other than Sloan was complete boredom. 7 was an interesting idea bringing Vince’s demise with pornstar Sasha Gray and 8 trying to save his career. The show, running only 22 minutes each episode, brought a show of celebrities and money that most people never have seen before. It was really entertaining even though the plot lines started to fade but this show was about 3 seasons too long. Stopping at the height of success isn’t easy.


I can’t remember a show I was captivated by like Weeds. For 3 straight days I caught up and watched the first 3 seasons. A series about drug dealing, on Showtime, was a show that went that extra step with creative plot lines and a hilarious group of characters. The chemistry worked between Nancy and Andy, the family was dysfunctional enough to relate to and Agrestic was the perfect setting for a drug dealing female named Nancy Botwin. The series has been ongoing for 87 episodes which is more than it should have. The beginning seasons with Nancy and her rising role in the pot dealing was awesome. Nancy sleeping with the DEA agent at the end of season 1 made for the best season of the series in 2. The last episode of 2 with U-Turn, the Armenians and everyone else pointing a gun at Nancy in a room made for an unforgettable cliffhanger. I read the synopsis of 3 and nothing really rings a bell. I remember being interested but this show started fading. Season 4 with Esteban and the hole to Mexico is when it should have stopped. 5 is a pregnant Nancy dealing with Esteban. 6 was the worst season with Botwin family on the run and this 7th season was forgettable. I believe season 2 was the height of weeds. I seriously hope there isn’t an 8th season even though they had a Soprano-esque ending in season 7.


This was another series I caught up on in a matter of weeks. After watching the first season, I was hooked. After the 4th season, I was saying what the heck. The same plot line kept occurring. Someone was trying to blow up the world, there was a mole in CSI, and Jack Bauer would save the day. Season 3 was my favorite with the Salazar brothers. Jack’s heroin addiction, Kim and the Mountain Lion, Chloe’s constant annoyance and Jack falling for a female were enthralling. The hour by hour concept was also what made this show such a hit. It had never been done before and the shows attention to detail was unreal. However, once David Palmer went down and Wayne took over, I think the show should have quit. FEMALE President Taylor should have never happened. This show was as addicting as any show of all time. I still have great respect for this show but the last few seasons were just not as good. I have a feeling Kim Bauer should have taken the lead.

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What I did on my Weekend

I left work a bit early on Friday to drive to the shore and play golf at Cape May National. It was Ck4, Baker and I and the first time I’d played the course in many years. I was pretty impressed with the layout of the course and it certainly was a challenging one. There was heather all over the place and if you didn’t keep your shots in play, the numbers were going to add up quickly. I was 43 on the front (1st hole mulligan) and felt like I was playing pretty well. My irons were on point and my short game was better than it’s been recently. I couldn’t get off the tee at all because I’ve developed this duck hook which came into play big time on the back. I ended up with a 54 on the back which probably consisted of about 5-6 lost balls. If I would have used my 5 iron off the tee instead of the driver, this all may have been avoided. It was still a fun round though but I was pretty discouraged to shoot high 90’s with a 43 on the front. I’d give the course about an A- for value and playability.

After golf we drove to sea isle. I probably had about 6 beers before we went out and a gulp of Smirnoff that I immediately regretted after I did it. I was fine though and we went to the OD for a decent time. A funny correlation was made when Baker was saying how much classier and attractive the girls are in Avalon. What he wasn’t taking into consideration is as the class and attractive level go up, the chances of scoring go way down. Personally I don’t really mind the Sea Isle crowd. So I woke up on Saturday, had a few beers, mixed some Vodka and Gatorade to bring to the beach and enjoyed a nice beach day. At around 5 we went to the OD for their no shower happy hour and I probably had another 5-6 beers. I met this one girl who was apparently by herself and I ended up buying her a shot and she was holding my hand through the dance floor so I figured this should be an easy conversion. However when I tried to dance with her from behind she just kind of wasn’t into it so I figured if she’s not going to dance like a slut then my chance with her probably isn’t that great. So I failed on that and went back to the place. After that not to much eventful took place and I passed out at 9pm not to be awoken until 9am. So I pretty much wasted a night out there but it’s for the best because nothing bad happened. I did jack shit on Sunday and now it’s back to Monday. I actually did play in the Sunday Mill yesterday and finished in 1700 when 1260 cashed. I had AK lose to 9T that would have almost guaranteed me making the money. I feel like I play well but get nothing to show for it time and time again.

For the Sunday TV recap. Entourage was average again. I don’t mind the whole Ari – Lizzy thing. The Turtle side plot is really dumb and I’m going to keep pointing it out. I don’t really mind them bringing Billy back but the Drama cartoon is sort of stupid even though I like Drama. True Blood was a pretty good episode. I’m not going to go to much into it but I like what they are doing with Crystal and that side and not really giving away too much info. The Eric Northman – Russell showdown should be good. I think the question to what is Sookie isn’t too bad either. I just think it’s a really good show with many good storylines. I’ve also continued to watch the Ocho show. He finally got some action from one of the girls and then ends up kicking her off. He’s doing a decent job of weeding them out and I’m hoping Tara pulls it off because she’s easily the most entertaining.

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Jam packed Sunday

I was 4th overall in the mud run out of almost 1500 people which wasn’t too shabby. I fell asleep after the run and then went golfing with Bake, the Wagon and the Shee. Bake blew the course (and competition) away with an 82. I finished with a 91 which wasn’t awful but I was killing myself off the tee with good drives coming far and few between. It was a good, fun round though that completed my non alcohol weekend.

I also watched True Blood and Entourage tonight as well to fit all my TV time in tonight. Jkash and I both agree that the show has lost it’s luster. I’m not sure how anyone else feels, but Turtle is not a lead storyline and should be used as a supporting actor. Drama’s shtick is getting old as it’s the same thing of him looking for work every season. They are stretching some plot lines with Vince but he’s not the problem. I like the Lizzie and Ari storyline but I think that’s just because it’s Ari and Jeremy Piven is a really good actor. They seem to think that a few cameos makes the show. Wake up HBO, people actually prefer good television to seeing a few celebrities.

I find True Blood to be one of the best shows on television. Since it’s not only humans they can use some pretty far out story lines. Plus they jump around a lot among the different side plots and I find them all entertaining and I like how they intertwine together. Not one character annoys me on the show, except Arlene and Hoyt, but everyone else does a good job of playing their role. I think Franklin is hilarious and Russell, the king vampire, piques my interest. All in all just a very good show.

The Ochocinco show is an absolute programming gem. This is by no means a good show but the entertainment value is sky high. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you watch it but I’m just going to point out some of the finer moments. The one girl can’t get her dress to zip up and she blames it on eating too many hotdogs during the tail gate. So she says something to the effect “maybe I should take it off and move the zipper up and down to loosen it up, try some oil.” Yeah, that’ll work. In the next scene her friend is telling her to eat all her food on the date because her competition said she was going to eat like a bird. I’m pretty sure the girl who couldn’t get her zipper up isn’t keen on the idea of pigging out at dinner to prove to Ocho that she eats like a normal person. The next great moment came when they flashed the name Heather when Angela was talking which makes me wonder if the editors are even watching what they are doing. After pointing out that TO used “interesting” last week, Ocho must have said it 10 times this episode. Finally, the producers must be ripping their hair out that Ocho eliminated the most smoking, hot girl for a beast of a woman. I honestly think he ruined the rest of the show because he’s not going to choose Jasmine at the end so why get rid of a person who can potentially grow on you (and I thought had a decent personality). I know it’s probably all scripted too but I’m amused. Ocho seems to pause and talk so slowly when he’s in the camera room that he must be reading off of cue cards or something. Vh1 does it right.

It’s 1am now and I want to finish the “girl with the dragon tattoo” tonight. People tell me they see mostly girls reading I’m pretty sure it’s a chick book but I think it’s very well done. It’s a murder mystery by the way in case you thought it was some love story. I have about a hundred pages left and I like the attention to details and how its played out so far. If you are looking for a good read, I will approve of this book, even if it is for chicks.

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I’ve watched 2 shows that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. First one being Community on network TV. Generally network TV sucks, this show was no different. The main character sucked, Chevy Chase wasn’t funny, the foreign guy was forced stereotype retard, and the rest of the cast was no better. I didn’t think there was a funny part in it and won’t be tuning in again. This show follows the office and that is another show I just don’t get. Everyone raves how funny it is and maybe if you’re in an office atmosphere for a job it’s funny, but to me it just seems painfully dull. Does Michael have brain damage or something? I’ve seen a couple of episodes and I know his character is supposed to come off as dopey but I just can’t laugh at the stupidity. I laugh more at the way Kevin looks and talks than the things he says. Everyone thinks Dwight is hilarious but I think he’s mentally retarded. Jim is a smug a-hole who I just want to punch in the face. The girls on the show are all blah. I feel like everyone is overacting. I just really don’t get it. True, I’ve only seen a handful of episodes and maybe haven’t given it a chance but it just doesn’t make me laugh. Given the fact that so many people say it’s the best show I’m going to watch some episodes on Hulu but if I still think it sucks I’ll write about it.

Don’t watch bored to death on HBO because the title is telling. Jason Schwartzman is boring and Ted Danson has seen better days. I may watch episode 2 just to see what happens but I wasn’t amused at all throughout the pilot. What I can’t understand is how people who produce this stuff think its good. If I was working for HBO and watched that past episode, I’d be embarrassed to show it to the public. It wasn’t funny or gripping and the main character sucked. I’m probably hard on a lot of pilots but it’s for good reason. When I watched Californication for the first time 2 years ago I came out of the pilot saying 1) they showed me a nun giving out a BJ 2) they showed me Mia’s boobs 3) and the main character has charisma and is watchable. I gave the show a chance and it turned out to be one of the best shows on TV. I have no problem giving a show a chance but the first episode has to be entertaining or else I’ll move on.

I watched the curb and entourage as well. Regarding Curb, sometimes I think they play out Larry’s rants about weird stuff too long but its still amusing. I didn’t really think the first episode was all that great but I’m sure the season will be good. Leon being an 82 man is hilarious considering they are in LA. I always heard black people like the heat but 82 tips the scale. Entourage was pretty good for a change. I like the Ari-Lloyd feud and hopefully Ashley will say goodbye. I don’t know about anyone else but I have no interest in Turtle or anything that goes on with his character. I hope Jamie moves to New Zealand so Turtles character can stop being such a puss. I still think the season has been weak but at least this week was entertaining.

If I could find out to put this in the smallest font I would. I watched the first couple episodes of glee and the show isn’t bad. Putting all the gayness aside considering its about glee club, the show is well done. They have good character development. The cheerleading coach combined with the principal make for a hilarious duo. The dancing and singing stuff isn’t the reason why I watch the show but it’s still performed well. I won’t review this show due to its homo tendencies and it’s completely on the opposite end of the spectrum of what I usually watch but I’m honest about what I think and this show should probably not be canned.

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