Drone Wars – Storage Wars 12/21/11

In tonight’s episode you had people spending a lot of money and seemingly making out well. The valuation part of the show needs to change. That aside, its interesting to see how the prices of the lockers rise with the popularity of the show. The bidding process still seems somewhat real to me. Watching Dan push Barry aside when he flew the chopper into the locker seems too real to be staged. Darrell did seem to possess some knowledge of the contractor locker but I think they value things on retail pricing, not what Darrell can actually get. If he went to a place with all that tile, I can’t believe they’d pay 10 bucks per piece. The Jarrod bidding against Nabila did end somewhat abruptly which was odd. I find it weird when they just keep bidding against each other just because. It was nice to see Jarrod and Brandi lose on a locker especially when he just starts popping out values for items. This means he probably got his ass handed to him on it. Barry luckboxed his way to a win which seemed pretty lucky but I did learn how to tell real pearls from fake pearls (real are gritty against your teeth). That is one thing I do like about the show, it does give you an idea of what to look for and a general valuation. Interesting episode but the formula is getting routine.