How Much is a Logo Worth?

I was watching the below movie (bonus points if you can get it) and noticed the Spike logo in the corner was sleeker with a creative line cut through the lettering.

Matt Damon Movie


Old spike logo

Old spike logo

We had a situation at work where we didn’t have any high res images of our logo. We had to pay a designer to create a new logo for us. Starting from scratch, aside from the initial design, he came up with this.



Old logo

Old logo

The outside text was all removed but for the most part it’s the same logo in a different shade of red.  The S may be a little sleeker but it’s essentially the same without the lettering.  How much do you think this logo re-work cost us?

I finished the Steve Jobs biography last week and my situation was similar (aside from everything being different) to his in that he needed to create a new logo for his company. He ended up paying $100,000 to a renowned designer, Paul Rand, to come up with this.


Steve Jobs company “Next” logo


If Steve Jobs was willing to pay 100,000 dollars back in the 80’s, there is obviously a strong desire in one of the greatest minds of this generation to create brand awareness and a company “image”.  How much is worth to a person is very subjective.  An image that represents your company for decades is more than an $100 image anyway you look at it.  Anyone out there have any experience with logos?