“My Players Are Elite” – Chip Kelly

This is how I envision the conversation with Jeff Lurie and Chip Kelly.

The good old days.

The good old days.

JL: Bradford had the 28th worst QB rating this year (min 100 attempts) behind guys like Blaine Gabbert and rookie Jameis Winston.  Is he the best we can do?
CK: He’s elite
JL: What about our WR’s and losing our best the last two years? Maclin had the 19th most yards this season with Alex Smith, a guy who avoids throwing the ball downfield like the plague.  DeSean had 528 yards and 4 TD’s in 8 games.  I think we may lack talent to spread the field thus opening up our run game.
CK:  No.  Matthews, Agholor, and Riley are elite.
JL: Agholor only had 21 catches all season (the same as Riley Cooper).  Matthews had 943 yards and 261 came in the last 2 games which were essentially blow outs.  Remember that big catch he dropped against Carolina?  We are still talking about Riley?
CK:  They’re elite talent just waiting to explode.
JL:  What about the Shady for Kiko trade?  Shady was 6th in the NFL in yards and even missed 3 games.  Kiko had 34 tackles and 1 pick in 10 games.  Didn’t seem to work out that well for us.
CK:  Kiko’s elite.
JL:  DeMarco was a real bummer this year only averaging 45 yards a game.  What happened?
CK: He’s not elite.
JL: We’re finished here.


Shut up, Chip!

032516-ap-600-chip-kellyI want to chip in my opinion on this matter with absolutely no inside knowledge about the truth.

  1. Chip is stubborn and doesn’t play well with others.
  2. His “players” and “system” needed to develop.
  3. Ownership didn’t have the Sam Hinkie time frame to wait.
  4. Chip got fired for refusal to adapt to ownership’s viewpoints with the mindset that he knew what he was doing and wasn’t budging.
No longer bleeding green.

No longer bleeding green.

The Eagles are not a good football team talent wise. Chip Kelly is to blame for this.  Some stats:

  • The Eagles avg 22.8 points per game good for 16th in the league
  • The ran the 2nd most plays from scrimmage this year (1037) behind only the Texans
  • Their TO margin was -4, good for 22nd in the league
  • The D gave up 26.7 ppg good for 28th in the league
  • The D gave up 394.9 ypg which was 29th in the league
  • They were outscored 342-400

Another shitty year for another Philadelphia sports team.  Shocker.

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Chip Kelly is on Crack

Kiko AlonsoLeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonzo. Who is Kiko Alonzo, I asked? I watch more football than 90% of the population and have never heard of the man. Is he from Africa? Nope, he conveniently played at OREGON.

In the 2013 season he was lights out recording 10 tackles a game and getting interceptions like it was his job (it isn’t as a linebacker). He was named defensive rookie of the month in September and finished 3rd in the league in tackles (159). Seemed like a tremendous player ala Luke Kuechly (I’m just going out on a limb with that one but he’s white, a linebacker, and putting up huge numbers). What could go wrong?

Defenders are used to seeing 25 from behind.

Defenders are used to seeing 25 from behind.

Oh wait, he missed the entire 2014 season with an ACL tear. Some people can come back from ACL’s like Jeremy Maclin and Rob Gronkowski, but it’s still a serious injury. He would have to be quite a linebacker to equate to Shady’s skill at running back which fans will be scrutinizing closely.

LeSean McCoy was traded for reasons that mostly pertain to money.  The Eagles pick up almost 10 million of cap space (LeSean was owed 10.25m vs Alonso’s 750k).  Chip probably creamed his pants thinking he is getting an equivalent, elite caliber player on the defensive end that saves him money. Talk also says that LeSean was fading as his 5.1 ypc in 2013 dropped to 4.2 last season. This is hogwash.

Eagles offense will not be as explosive.

Eagles offense will not be as explosive.

I’d argue that DeSean Jackson made everyone better in 2013. He finished the year with 1300+ yards and 9 TDS and was a deep threat that spread the field.

  • Riley Cooper shined (835 yards and 8 TD) with DeSean which is saying something after his last year with Maclin as the WR1 (535 yards and 3 TD).
  • Jordan Matthews (872 & 8) emerged last year but Nick Foles regressed (easy to fall off a 27-2 year).
  • LeSean went for 1,607 and 539 receiving yards in ’13 vs 1319 rushing and 155 receiving yards in ’14.  Sproles and Polk took numbers away from him one could argue.
  • Maclin put up almost identical numbers as DeSean did last year but he did it with more underneath catches instead of the only way Desean catches the ball, long bombs.


Gut Reaction

The Eagles are going to have to use Shady’s cash to get some defensive talent.  Cary Williams was a bum and easy to replace and Trent Cole dropped to 40 tackles and 6.5 sacks last year vs 44 and 8 in ’14 so I don’t see that as a huge loss.

They’ll miss Shady on offense.  This offense is nowhere near as good as they think they are without LeSean and DeSean.  They don’t have the playmakers.  QB issues as well.

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Chip and Andy

Blubber vs Brains

Blubber vs Brains

I was delighted last night watching the Eagles game. It was a breath of fresh air to see an offense actually score the ball compared to what Birds fans were accustomed to over the past 2 years. It’s exciting for not just Eagles fans but the entire NFL. I think it’s fair to say this style isn’t exactly foolproof considering how flat they were for the 2nd half but the bottom line is that the offense worked better than anything I’ve ever seen with Andy Reid. They were almost Patriot effective. Every play seemingly went for yards and it looked unstoppable. Shady, DeSean, and Vick are going to be tough to stop and Chip Kelly is the madman behind this experiment.

On the other side of the coin, Big Red held the Jags to a deuce and methodically beat a piss poor team with quality defense and spurts of offense. I think Alex Smith will fit Andy’s coaching because the cautious, boring approach appeals to both of them. Alex Smith averaged 8 yards per pass and Jamaal only got 16 carries for the game. This is typical Andy only giving your best player 16 chances to run the ball. Shady had 31 in case you weren’t counting. Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs best wide out, was bored with 4 catches and 30 yards which is also typical Andy stats. Andy can win football games if you buy into his game plan and the Eagles stopped doing so the last two years. Will Andy be successful with the Chiefs? They already are only 1 win behind their total wins of last year so I’d say that’s a start.

Is it fair to compare Andy and Chip? No, it’s not. Chip has 1 game under his belt and even though it looked like something the league hasn’t seen, they will develop strategies to slow it down. The simple fake of the injury the Redskins were pulling was the best quick thought approach last night and it was effective in slowing down the game. You can be sure other teams will do better once they decide how they want to combat it. Chip’s style surprised the Skins and they were caught off guard the entire first half. Andy’s style proved successful due to all of those years with the Birds and he knows what it’s like to win football games. I think his method is tired (and tried) and true whereas Chips is explosive and volatile. Nevertheless, going from one to the next is like night and day. Should be a fun 2013 Eagles season and I’m sure the Chiefs will be better too.

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