Carlos Ruiz Juicing

I know this topic gets old but at least appreciate my Carlos Ruiz juice box in paint. Just to continue this though let’s look at numbers because they don’t lie. Ruiz came to Philly at the age of 27 but lets see how his avg fared in the minors from the beginning.

Age Avg Lev
21 .277 Rk
22 .261 A
23 .213 A+
24 .278 AA
25 .284 AA
26 .300 AAA
27 .307 AAA

Chooch steadily improved throughout the minors. At 28, rookie year with the Phillies in 2007, he batted .259 in 429 plate appearances and .219 the year after in 373 PA. At 30, he put up a .255 avg with 379 PA. Now the fun begins in 2010. At the mature age of 31, Chooch shot up to a .302 AVG in 433 PA and a still nice .283 the following year. Then an unbelievable .325 last year with still a pretty high sample of plate appearances (421). Where did these numbers come from? A guy who was painstakingly working his way through the minors in his 20’s, magically started improving in his 30’s. Not just improving but being one of the best hitters in the league. This doesn’t happen naturally! Could you argue that he is working harder now than he did in his 20’s? I just don’t buy it because I bet he worked his ass off to even get to the majors. Then he just starts improving and now he’s tested positive for some type of drug TWICE! Adderall isn’t the answer for why he has improved. There is some underlying enhancement that is being covered up. Most people don’t just excel when they hit their 30’s, it’s usually the other way around with a decline. Baseball is different than basketball and football in terms of the stress on the body, I’d agree, but I don’t agree that years of being a <.260 hitters all of a sudden becomes .325 hitter. Keep sipping that juice box Chooch. It's not longer Juicin, It' Choochin.

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Chooch is Bogus

On June 6th, 2012 I wrote this in this juicing post, “What’s up with Chooch’s 2012?” Now it comes out that he has been suspended 25 games for failing a drug test for something pretty ridiculous, Adderall. I’ve taken Adderall twice in my entire life and it seemed to make me able to drink an amazing amount of alcohol, allow me to stay up for 24 hours, and not remember anything that happened while I took it. From what I understand, it helps you concentrate and makes your penis very small. So to hear that Chooch got busted for this and will serve a 25 game suspension has me scratching my head. Why? I just don’t believe it. It seems like a cover up.

Normal trend happened for Chooch last year. They start off great and get hurt, CK4 knows that this is what happens when people juice. “Ruiz, 33, broke out for the Phillies last season batting .350 with a .412 on-base percentage and .584 slugging percentage with 13 homers and 46 RBIs at the All-Star Break. He was slowed by a foot injury in the second half but still finished the season with career highs in average (.325), slugging (.540), hits (121), doubles (32), homers (16), RBIs (68) and runs (56).” He had the 5th highest batting average in the NL (min 400 pa) and the guy in 1st also tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (Melky Cabrera). Let’s not forget that this is at least THE 2ND TIME Ruiz has gotten caught. They give a warning the first time. How stupid do you have to be.

It’s just a cover up for performance enhancing drugs. Test positive for Adderall and no one will question when you were taking the juice. You got caught, you served 25 games, people forget about your past and just concentrate on your numbers last year. Who wants to bet me that Chooch doesn’t have as good as as a season next year? There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this guy is guilty of something more than Adderall.

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