Music can bring emotion and I wanted to use this video to trigger it.

I love this video. First off, this is the first time (as far as I know) BOY is playing in front of a United States audience in Brooklyn. They are from Germany and Sweden. The reception is unbelievable.

BOY-press-pic-II-high-by-Debora-MittelstaedtPicture yourself from Germany or Sweden and you’ve produced some music that was good enough to warrant making an album. You have no idea what to expect coming to America. You’ve heard it’s a big place and the land of opportunity but this is only hearsay. Then you start playing your song and HOLY SHIT, the audience can sing along with your music! BOY must have been floored. It’s one of those life moments that are indescribable. This is one of those times I’m super proud of America.

[dropcap]”You’re giving us goosebumps.”[/dropcap]


From Valeska’s mind:

At :53 – “Do they know the words?”
At :57 – They do.
At 1:01 – Uncertainty and joy.
AT 1:08 – Overwhelmed.
At 1:22 – Compose.
At 1:33 – Performance rises.
At 1:58 – Feeling it?
At 3:56 – What just happened?

BOY released an album in September of 2015 and I didn’t hear a word. The video above is not just a sweet moment but it’s a staple of how good their music is. The members of BOY’s names are Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass. I have no idea what BOY means as a title. I enjoy their music.

BOY-WEWEREHERE-COVERTheir new album is titled We Were Here. I can’t comment on it because I’ve just started listening to it. I want to add though that I don’t enjoy most female artists. I like Alanis Morrisette, Indigo Girls, Natalie Merchant, and a few others I could name if I wanted to think about it further. I think BOY’s sound is filled with emotion and I liked all 8 tracks of Mutual Friends.