Ashlynn Brooke: Taking Life By The Balls

Ashlynn_BrookeI love researching posts like this.

Ashlynn Brooke was perhaps THE top pornstar of 2007. Cute face. Slamming body. Wasn’t too over the top. Just a good on screen performer in the porn industry. In 2010 she had a kid and quit the industry leaving many men holding their scvances. You certainly can’t blame her wanting to lead a new life but people never forget.

After a 6 year disappearance, she made the top page of Reddit today with a sick POV that I’m sure Dave Gildea will click on at work. Hey Dave, don’t click on it! Once Redditers start to come out of the woodwork more info gets pulled and a user shared a link to her YouTube Channel acting like a normal person and sharing cooking recipes. I watched 1 minute of her video and kept waiting for her to get naked but it wasn’t happening.

I felt it was post worthy because I’d guess her videos have millions of views and then it’s just like poof. Now many pornstars retire for a while only realizing that they have no other skills other than getting drilled. I’m pretty pleased to see she turned it around and is as normal as she can be after having sex with hundreds of dudes. Nice work Ashlynn!

Wikipedia Info:
Brooke stated that she then briefly became involved with starring in and producing female-only pornography, but that being the girl who “tries to direct all-girl features, but isn’t a ‘real’ lesbian” wasn’t working. On her pregnancy, Brooke stated that she “would never have a child and continue” in the industry but that she was already “done before finding out about” it. Brooke stated that after the birth of her child, “nothing on earth could’ve made me happier at that very moment. It was like God just reached down and literally removed me from ‘that world’ and put me back into the ‘real’ one. I knew that from that point on my life would be peaceful, happy, and full of love again!