Do as I say, Not as I do

If you’ve been keeping yourself up to date with my blog you’d read my New Years resolutions and be like, “wow this guy must really have it together.”  I still haven’t consumed any alcohol since Sunday and have gone to the gym both weekdays.  I have felt very productive at work but there is a feeling of routine that eclipses it all.  I got to a point today, after I went to the gym and ate dinner, and I just thought to myself “now what?”  I have no interest of anything on TV, I played some poker unsuccessfully, and I was bored.  I ended up finishing Alice in Wonderland for the sole hope that one time in a bar trivia game they ask “who wrote Alice in Wonderland” (Lewis Carroll, real name Charles Dodgson) or what story would you find the White Rabbit, Tweetle-Dee & Tweetle Dum, a Jabberwocky and Humpty Dumpty? ” I will astound people with my wisdom and live in bar trivia glory for the rest of my life.  The book’s kind of witty reading although some of the languages makes the wit tough to decipher.  I found the poetry to be boring but the dialog amongst the characters to be fun to read.

The title I used though does represent something.  My previous entry’s  gave some ideas on how to be a better individual.  Let’s get something straight, if you think I can oblige by those rules for an entire year, not happening.  There has to be a balance of regimen and chaos.  Being too boring, although safer and conservative, has it’s negative attributes just like being a wild party animal does.  Laying down ground rules for living is absurd  because you are limiting the experiences you can have.  We all strive to be better because working towards something is better than being content.  Point being (I know I’m clever), sung best by Billy Joel “Black and white is how it should be,
But shades of grey are the colors I see”  I’ll leave it here because anymore writing will just mess up the impact of the last line.  Damn…