Embiid’s Tweet About Lonzo Ball

I couldn’t have said it any better than Jeff did:
Embiid, get on the court.

The Best Time Of The Year – Summer

Here we have Joel Embiid making waves with Lonzo Ball insults. What does this accomplish? It allows the media to have a field day with story lines that draw attention away from the actual basketball that hasn’t been played.

What I love about what is happening is the hype train. You fully see that hype sells just as well as success. How does a team that is 75-253 in the past 4 years sell out its stadium before the season even starts? It’s the mystery behind the potential of the unknown that people can’t get enough of. They want to say “I told you so” before the “so” has even touched the court.

It’s miraculous when you think about it.

  • The Sixers best player, Embiid, has played 31 games in 3 years.
  • Ben Simmons has never played a game in the NBA.
  • Their newest draft pick has 1 year of college experience on a team with a 9-23 record.
  • Dario averaged 17.5 in the last 24 games of the season in which he started which shows he can score at the NBA level.
  • I’ll use Covington at the 5th starter who hasn’t shot higher than 40% from the field in the past 3 years and was 33% from deep last year.
  • The bench consists of Okafor (Sixers fans would value him near 0), Holmes (ready to break out), and McConnell (who has convinced fans he is a serviceable PG).

This is your starting point 4 years after the fact when Hinkie started the process. Now don’t get me wrong, this is an entertaining starting point. You don’t really know how much talent you have, but you know it’s oozing. Whether these guys can turn this to success on the court is unknown.

Process Trusters will say, “dude, you’re a hater”. What am I hating? How am I being realistic vs living in fantasy Sixers land? Take a look at the odds to win the 2018 championship:

That’s progress. They have the 13th best odds to win the ship this year. 16 teams make the playoffs so you even see Vegas predicting they are going to. I tend to think this is more because Sixers fans are unpredictable and may hammer this 66-1, so why make it 100-1? It’s the power of the unknown.

To bring it all full circle, the 17′-18′ season is going to be incredibly fun to watch as a Sixers fan. The energy created around the team is electric. It’s hard to not get caught up in what the team has been able to do after 4 years of losing. What have they actually done is more off the court than on the court, but that’s what makes it so enticing. You have one side saying it’ll never work and another saying that it can’t fail. At this point in time, neither is wrong which makes for the most talk.

I’ll finish this post the same way I started this post. The Sixers future lies in their health. Get (and stay) on the court! 

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The Sixers Stink!

Trust the Process!

17,000 people turned up to see the Sixers lose by 28 at home:



hinkie_witnessI didn’t watch this game so my comments are strictly based off of the boxscore.  30% from the field is abysmal.  Isiah Canaan is not an NBA player let along a starter.  Who’s J. Sampson?  Nerlens FG% is what player’s who don’t have a great feel for the basket shoot when there are no other options and he has strong defenders on him (Favors & Gobert).  It should be noted they were down 25 4 minutes into the 3rd so essentially out of the game by halftime.  What a joke.  I will be watching this team close to 0 minutes this year.  I beg others to do the same because what they are doing is disrespectful and horrid to the fans.

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Sixers Sense of Sam Hinkie

Pablo Torre from Around the Horn

Pablo Torre from Around the Horn

Sixers article from ESPN magazine found here.

It’s a long article written by Pablo Torre that has good insight and is informative if you can get the entire way through it.


Sam Hinkie is the Sixers GM

Sam Hinkie is the Sixers GM

The first tidbit I take away is that Sam Hinkie is a secretive strategist who shares as little info as possible with the media.  Pablo’s 1st part of his article can be summed up in these 3 concepts that are part of Hinkie’s strategy:

1) Find injured prospects and foreign players,

2) Utilize a collective-bargaining-agreement-driven, pre-apocalyptic stockpile of second-round picks

3) Players who have long wingspans and are subpar shooters


My Take On Hinkie’s Strategy

Andrew Bynum Bowling1) Injured players can indeed provide value if they stay on the court.  It’s like drafting Arian Foster in fantasy football.  You know he’s great except he will only give you 12 games if you’re lucky.  Difference here is that his players are not even proven.   Foreign,  injured players, are even riskier.  It must be noted that Joel Embiid recently hit 48/60 from 3 in a shoot around so that’s promising.  Grade: C

One of the greatest 2nd round picks ever.

One of the greatest 2nd round picks ever.

2)  2nd round picks are also incredibly risky and flop more often than not.  To give you an idea of the top ranked active 2nd round picks:

1) Manu Ginobli (HOF)
2) Marc Gasol (Top 5 Center)
3) Paul Millsap (All-Star)
4) Monta Ellis (Scorer)
5) Lance Stephenson (Meh)

Fine players but none were ever top 10 in the league.  Grade: C

Now that's a wingspan.

Now that’s a wingspan.

3) This specific body type is somewhat mind boggling. What these players produce has both negatives and positives.  “Philly is forcing turnovers at a league-high 15.6 percent through the All-Star break but shooting a league-low 41 percent, is incentivized to wait on such a large-scale renovation.”  Grade – C



sixers-tank-logoA final thought on what produces championships:
FiveThirtyEight found that of the past 40 teams to make the Finals, their No. 1 player, on average, ranked in the 96th percentile in statistical plus/minus. The No. 2 player was 90th percentile; the No. 3, 79th.

Now correct me if i’m wrong but is the Sixers best player even in the top 79th percentile?  They have no superstar.  No leader.  No experience.  This team might be good in 2020 if all works out.  What kind of a strategy is that?  I’m not arguing what they were doing before was working but to automatically think that Sam Hinkie knows what he’s doing here is crazy.


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76ers Draft Was Smart?

Nerlens Noel from Kentucky - Flat Top

Noel Nerlens from Kentucky – Flat Top

The 76ers draft was surprising and active which is better than boring and predictable. The Sixers got rid of their best player, Jrue Holiday, for Nerlens Neol and a 1st round pick next year that is a protected top 3. Some experts had Noel being drafted as the top pick of this year’s draft! Next they selected Michael Carter Williams from Syracuse who obviously won’t fill Jrue’s role but may develop into a guard. Notice I didn’t say good or bad, just a guard because it’s far too early to tell. I’m sure fans are upset that we traded our best player but this is a savvy move. There is nothing to be upset about.

The worst team in basketball is the team that finishes in the 9th playoff spot. They aren’t good enough to compete and are not bad enough to get a high pick. That is the Sixers. They have mediocre talent, a big man who won’t play, ever, and voids on top of voids to fill in their line up. Noel is only 19 and 6-11. That’s a pretty good start. Thadeaus Young is the only other player on the Sixers with NBA talent. Michael Carter is 6-6 and was ranked by ESPN as the top point guard prospect. Those 3 players give you a nucleus to build around. We are going to suck next year. That’s just the way it is. Don’t let expectations get too high, we will finish in the basement. Guess what? We WANT to finish in the basement. Line up 2 bad ass picks next year in what is hopefully a stronger draft class. We are REBUILDING!!!!!!!

I’ve never been a proponent of rebuilding because the fans don’t deserve year after year of bullshit rebuilding, it’s a nonsense term. However, I’m for it in this case. The Sixers weren’t going anywhere with only the #11 pick in the draft this year and Jrue running the show with Jason Richardson as your starting 2 guard and Spencer Hawes as your center. Evan Turner sucks too. There was no choice. This was a wise move by San Hinkie and makes me think he knows what he’s doing. He also speaks the truth, “it’s fair to call the Sixers’ trade for Andrew Bynum “a failure.” I truly believe this move will benefit the Sixers long term.

You’re next you no talent, no jumpshot, no heart, piece of water trash.

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Sports Emotion!?!

I think I just felt some emotion after watching the Sixers game tonight. If you know me you know that I have little emotional attachment to sports but tonight was different. Watching an 0-3 team get sent to OT on a miraculous 3 ball and then lose in OT was really sad. I’m not a huge Sixers fan but I hate having a team that’s 0-4 because it takes all hopes of any potential of the season if it starts to get worse. Even if the team starts 5-10 at least you know if they go on a run they can get back to respectable. 4 games without a win is starting to look bleak. I just hope they don’t fall further in the sinkhole.

I’ve gotten back to normal life today. The stock market has been doing well. Hopefully good news on SIRI earnings on Thursday will make me some money. Work has been busy and we’ve had a flurry of orders. I hit the gym today and got back on track after a 5 day hiatus. I only did 3 miles in 17:40 but I felt strong lifting so I expect to get stronger as the Winter nears. It’s one things that changes in my life. I start going to the gym more instead of long distance runs which allows me to add some muscle and not looking like a pipsqueak. So I’m in a good mood am expecting good things to come.

It’s kind of funny the amount of shoes I have, I feel like a girl. I’m looking around my room and I count 18 pairs of shoes. I have 2 pairs of sandals, 4 pairs of dress shoes, 2 bball shoes, 1 work shoes, 3 regular walking around shoes, 4 pairs of running shoes, 1 pair of cleats and a pair of golf shoes. At one point or another I do wear each and every one and they are starting to get to be a nuisance for the amount of space they take up. Another funny thing is I’ve fazed out collared Polo shirts for plain t-shirts. I decided that I don’t care that much about my look and I’ll go as casual as I can for everything. Shorts are also put away for the winter and my sweaters and sweatshirts are going to take over. I’ve developed a pretty decent long shirt wardrobe but I like to add some fresh gear each year. In college I used to always wear hoodies with no zipper but I’ve swapped over to hoodies with the zipper. I feel like they are more versatile and have a more presentable look than the degenerate drug dealing hoodie sweatshirt. I’ll probably buy a few more of those as winter progresses. I’m sporting 3 pairs of jeans and will have to add a new pair or two. It’s well known you don’t have to wash jeans as often so you don’t need as many pairs but I feel like I have a favorite pair that I prefer over the other two. I need to add another favorite so I can rotate two instead of a one rotation. This doesn’t mean I never switch, I just prefer not to.

Another change winter makes is that I like starting my car before I get in it. There is nothing worse than getting into a freezing car and waiting for the heater to warm up. Today I was freaking out because I woke up at 7:10 and the traffic gets bad around then and I knew I was going to have to face the cold in my car without any warm up. Tomorrow I’ll try to wake up before 7 so I can get a nice 5 minute warm up. These sort of events are paramount to having a good day. I love being under the comforter when it’s cold surrounding the room and you know that under the blanket is the warmest you’ll be for the rest of the day. I HATE getting out of bed in the morning knowing I have to brace for the cold. Obviously my shower walk is terrible in the cold and I could write a whole post about that if I wanted. I obviously prefer summer but I can get used to icy temps and make it work. I really feel like i was rambling throughout this entire post but I’m starting to get the feeling people don’t even care. People will read what I write because it’s better than doing other things that they don’t want to do. I also think people use this as a comparison to their own lives and see how someone goes about their days and what makes them tick. It’s sort of one sided for me as I constantly share and get no feedback but that’s the breaks. I have a few ideas for future posts so I’m hoping to make some progress in the upcoming days. I know I lack pictures and real entertainment but I’ll see what I can do. Till then.

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