These TV Shows and Movies Shouldn’t Have Been Made

Good series and movies should be forced to end once they have decreased in quality and start to bring down the name.  It’s commonplace for execs to try to squeeze every last penny out of an idea because it is so difficult to have something become a mega hit.  Fans are much more realistic at pinpointing when enough is enough.  The Wire and Breaking Bad are good examples of TV series called off at the right time.  Soprano’s and Dexter are examples of series running too long.  Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are great examples of high quality trilogy’s that should have stayed as trilogy’s.  Hangover and Austin Powers are good examples of movies that just kept getting worse.  Here are a few upcoming bad ideas.


24 – Live Another Day

24-LIVE-ANOTHER-DAYJack is back.  24 is an incredible idea for a show.  Have one super character play out an hour per episode of one action packed day.  I was hooked the first time I started to watch the show.  Jack saving the city from nuclear weapons and from viruses was compelling because it had never been done like that before.  As the seasons dragged on, there were 8, the reasons Jack was saving the world got weaker and weaker.

Character development also took a hit.  I always found it odd when Jack would have romantic relationships with characters in the show because there is no way a human being like him could carry a relationship.  Plus who could forget Nina and Tony Almeida.  I never liked how CTU seemed to always have a mole roaming around which got incredibly old after while.

The idea of creating a new Jack is bad.  He’s already a Chuck Norris like figure, just let him fade off into the sunset.  No one likes Chloe and the whole series is already watered down at this point.  Lay it to rest.  Fox just picks a new location and will let Jack run loose killing bad guys with outrageous weapons.  I’ll probably watch it anyway and make fun it the entire time.  This show jumped the shark when Kim got attacked by the mountain lion.


22 Jump Street

22_jump_street_movie_poster_1Huh?  The first movie wasn’t that great, why make a sequel?  The first half of the movie was entertaining and the next hour completely sucked.  Very similar to This is the End which I can only hope a This is the End 2 doesn’t come along.  I’m not sure how movies like this get made.  I’m even more surprised that they pick up 4 stars on the Comcast review.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum aren’t bad but the movie is guaranteed to have no plot.  It’s a straight up comedy that is going to suck and try way too hard.  Trying too hard is the worst type of comedy.  I’m sure there fun to make and people will pay money to see it because of the name, but the movie is going to be worse than the first one and that’s saying a lot.  Think Anchorman 2.


Star Wars: Episode VII

1382702206_wallpaper-1728835Why is this being created after the disasters that were 1-3?   Disney brings back the original cast, who are all wearing depends at this point, and decides to make an episode 7 to follow up the originals.  Nothing good can come out of this.  JJ Abrams has to be the biggest moron on the planet to undertake this challenge.  Now obviously he is getting paid handsomely but there is no way the Star Wars geeks are going to gravitate to an updated Star Wars.  People don’t like change.  They like the idea of Star Wars and what it meant to them 30 years ago.  New is bad in this case.  I’m flabbergasted that the original cast wants to undertake this project.  I hope the project gets annihilated by the Deathstar.  This atrocity is set to open on December 18th, 2015.

New Star Wars Cast

New Star Wars Cast

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The dilution of a TV series

It’s a sad day when a good TV series goes bad. It happens all the time and for various reasons. The most obvious thing is that once a new show is “good” or even “great”, it sets the bar for the following seasons. Ideally a show would want to be average and continue to improve but more often than not, no body watches an average TV show. So basically the shows that make it all start out good, hit their peak, and then descent down to nearly unwatchable. Once a show has been good for 4-5 years, there is no incentive to end at the height of the show. It’s a money maker and creators will milk it for what it’s worth. Starting from scratch is insane. Aside from The Wire, which quit after 5 awesome seasons, I have 4 shows that I think fall into this category.

The Simpsons

The first Simpsons episode aired in 1989 and has been continuing for 22+ years. This is unheard of. This is the longest running American sitcom. With 488 episodes, this will be my number one candidate for a show that has diluted itself into oblivion. Is this show still good? I honestly don’t know. I stopped watching 10 years ago when I felt the episodes declined into mediocrity. The ratings describe this as well. In 1990, the Simpsons drew 13.4 million households. In 1999, that total using the same metrics declined to 8.2 million. In 2000, there was a switch to actual viewers and that boosted ratings to 14.7 million viewers (which I suspect is comparable to the 8.2 million households.) In 2011, that number is down to 7.3 million actual viewers (probably half that in households.) The show has been on a decline and I assume they just continue making it because it’s the Simpsons and it can be put in history books no matter how shitty it becomes. No one will forget Mr Plow, Don Mattingly’s sideburns, Lisa needing braces, or who shot Mr. Burns, but no one will remember any episode after the year 2000.


Who wasn’t fascinated with a look into Hollywood movie star Vinny Chase, his agent Ari and his amusing gang of friends in 2004. This show gave your everyday TV viewer a glimpse into Hollywood. Plot lines were simple with Vince’s attempt to be famous, E and director Billy Walsh’s conflicts, and Ari’s job trying to keep Vince out of trouble. The Aquaman season that brought Vince to fame and all the cool things that success brought was the height of the show. The Medeillin plot line in the 4th season is when things started to turn. The 5th season brought about Smoke Jumper, a movie with Vince as a firefighter, and a terrible decision to bring Turtle into a major plot line with a relationship with Jamie Lynn Sigler. If they would have made an epic 5th season and quit, this show would go down as greatness. Instead the 6th season is complete trash. Vince is out of the action, Turtle is in college, Drama on a TV show and E dating a girl (Ashley) other than Sloan was complete boredom. 7 was an interesting idea bringing Vince’s demise with pornstar Sasha Gray and 8 trying to save his career. The show, running only 22 minutes each episode, brought a show of celebrities and money that most people never have seen before. It was really entertaining even though the plot lines started to fade but this show was about 3 seasons too long. Stopping at the height of success isn’t easy.


I can’t remember a show I was captivated by like Weeds. For 3 straight days I caught up and watched the first 3 seasons. A series about drug dealing, on Showtime, was a show that went that extra step with creative plot lines and a hilarious group of characters. The chemistry worked between Nancy and Andy, the family was dysfunctional enough to relate to and Agrestic was the perfect setting for a drug dealing female named Nancy Botwin. The series has been ongoing for 87 episodes which is more than it should have. The beginning seasons with Nancy and her rising role in the pot dealing was awesome. Nancy sleeping with the DEA agent at the end of season 1 made for the best season of the series in 2. The last episode of 2 with U-Turn, the Armenians and everyone else pointing a gun at Nancy in a room made for an unforgettable cliffhanger. I read the synopsis of 3 and nothing really rings a bell. I remember being interested but this show started fading. Season 4 with Esteban and the hole to Mexico is when it should have stopped. 5 is a pregnant Nancy dealing with Esteban. 6 was the worst season with Botwin family on the run and this 7th season was forgettable. I believe season 2 was the height of weeds. I seriously hope there isn’t an 8th season even though they had a Soprano-esque ending in season 7.


This was another series I caught up on in a matter of weeks. After watching the first season, I was hooked. After the 4th season, I was saying what the heck. The same plot line kept occurring. Someone was trying to blow up the world, there was a mole in CSI, and Jack Bauer would save the day. Season 3 was my favorite with the Salazar brothers. Jack’s heroin addiction, Kim and the Mountain Lion, Chloe’s constant annoyance and Jack falling for a female were enthralling. The hour by hour concept was also what made this show such a hit. It had never been done before and the shows attention to detail was unreal. However, once David Palmer went down and Wayne took over, I think the show should have quit. FEMALE President Taylor should have never happened. This show was as addicting as any show of all time. I still have great respect for this show but the last few seasons were just not as good. I have a feeling Kim Bauer should have taken the lead.

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Topical post

I don’t do too many topical posts but I came across a few things today that I thought were worth mentioning. First off Josyln James was on Howard Stern today and talked about the 3 year affair with Tiger. I assume not to many people listen to Howard and I want to fill in some details. I didn’t get to listen to the whole interview but she came off as pretty honest about the whole thing. When they banged they wouldn’t use protection and she had one miscarriage and aborted the baby the 2nd time. I’d think you’d want to keep Tiger’s baby but what do I know. She said Tiger was an ass man and everything was fair game (anal, salad tossing, crazy positions) you name it. I’m actually starting to get tired of the whole thing but to think of Tiger in that light is I’m sure what the sponsors were afraid of. I placed a bet on Thursday that Tiger would come out in a black hat so keep your fingers crossed.

I watched most of the NCAA Championship game and with no action on the game and no chance to win any pool, this was by far the most excited I was for a sporting event in years. Watching a small school like Butler claw their way with 2 chances to beat the powerhouse of Duke was really tremendous. They had that hillbilly with the stupid mustache and Gordon leading the charge and I was just really impressed with the play of that team. They didn’t have a high powered offense but they just hung tough and won basketball games. I thought this game was far superior to any professional title game I’ve seen in such a long time. Drew Brees'(s) (do I apostrophe here even if it end in an s) super bowl win didn’t even come close. The Phillies getting to the World Series isn’t even a blip on my radar. All these Phillie fanboys come out now that Philadelphia has a good team again. I was actually surprised that they’ve had winning seasons since 2003. I really don’t have a vendetta against pro baseball but I just find the whole sport slow and dull and could find something better to watch on VH1.

Stop reading if you watch 24 and didn’t see the last episode because I will spoil in a sentence. Where is the show going now that all the terrorists are dead and there is no more Hassan? I haven’t really felt the gravity of the situation at any point in this season. I’m entertained an hour at a time but the big picture is stupid.

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24 & Celeb Rehab

So I really don’t have much going on right now and that has me turning to TV. My poker playing has been poor and aside from NFL playoffs I don’t intend to place any bets. I really need a productive hobby but for now, nothing will have to do.

I’m entertained by 24, simple as that. I find the show’s unrealistic parts hilarious and wonder how you can have so many smart people working on one show and have so many minor details just stand out. Jack was talking to the ballers in complete daylight, yet the explosion occurred in total darkness within the same hour. Plus the bro has eyesight to pick up one random guy walking into a house a quarter mile away while he was playing bball. When Jack got the shit beat out of him by Dom, there wasn’t even a scratch. And my favorite, why is Freddie Prinze Jr, Agent ORTIZ? Other than the minor bs and that Jack saves the day time and time again, I thought the first 4 episodes were pretty entertaining even though I swear the commercials are more time than the actual show. Plus, whenever it starts flashing that it’s x:57 and you know there are only 3 more minutes until you have to wait a week again, it’s pretty much TV torture. One last 24 tidbit. The wagon just finished watching and he asked why did she do that to the Russian in the shop, I said “she’s just forcing his hand.”

I watched the first two episodes of the celebrity rehab with Dr Drew and this is one of the best shows I’ve watched. I’m going to go back and watch the first two seasons just because I’m that entertained by this one. Rodman and his whole stance just blows me away because I can really relate. He’s there because the court is making him and he doesn’t really think he has a problem, the guy just likes to get smashed here and there. I love the footage of him at the bar too because he’s a monster man and the shot glasses are like thimbles. I really can’t even write about it because you have to see it to get it.

The real thing that amazes me about the show is the females. When I watch shows like this it just completely proves to me that I have no idea what girls are looking for out of relationships. The girl who had a seizure at the end (which was shocking) took beat down after beat down and then when she talks to Dr. Drew she mentions the word “love”. He looks at her like she’s from space and says “that’s not what love is.” I think because of my upbringing and not being exposed to all the crazy matters that these people have been through, I just can’t understand how people rationalize. I am really drawn to the real life – real problems. I like this show over 24 on account of the last sentence.

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Jersey Shore & Weekend

I sat down today and watched all the episodes of Jersey shore. This is probably the first show I’ve watched on MTV in probably 10 years. Basically when a lot of people like a show, even if I think I won’t like it, I’ll still check it out just to know what people are talking about. So I had pretty low expectations going in and then I started thinking it was getting better and then the end had me feeling that it wasn’t all that good. The cast is average in my opinion. To me the Situation steals the show and is really the only character that makes the show worth watching. He’s a complete douchebag but his style is certainly one where he has his moments. The Sammy and Ronnie ordeal is pretty lame and brought the show down. J-Woww and Snookie weren’t the best looking girls but at least they provided for some entertainment. Pauly seemed to old for the show and behaved the most mature. I also thought the show could have been better with out Vinnie, I don’t know what he brought to the table. It got to be a weird show because they couldn’t really stand The Situation. I didn’t feel like the group really clicked that well. I’m not really surprised it’s a hit because it’s pretty over the top, but I don’t have any real anticipation building for the finale.

Another season of 24 kicked off and we’ll see how many episodes I get through before it gets too wild for me. I really liked the first couple of seasons, plus I watched them on DVD so they were like power seasons but I just can’t get that into it anymore. The axe to the heart was my favorite part because the move was pretty smart. Another series which I’ll probably watch but not all that excited for.

This weekend was standard. Brandon Lang picked four bets on Friday which all hit so that netted me 320, but I picked the cardinals for 50 and then the chargers for 200 for a minor win this week. I also was blacked out for about 4 hours on Saturday. We drank some 100 proof Captain and it pretty much lit up anyone who was drinking it. I honestly don’t remember a thing for that time period so if I did anything stupid I don’t know about it. It’s weird too because my texts were all perfect spelling and nothing bad happened. Which usually when I’m messed up for that long of a period of time, something bad happens. That’s pretty much the deal. Another work week coming up and I’ll try to post daily.

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