I sent this tweet to Maurice of Barstool yesterday:


angie[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″]I [/dropcap]knew that this girl was hot from past years because there was tons controversy that surrounded her pictures because she was only 16. That was back in 2009, so I assumed she was legal now and came across a thread at pocketfives that reminded me of her. I know Barstool has a Wake Up With post that they put every morning at 9am and this girl would be a great candidate. Maurice of Philly is always credited with posting the Wake Up With so I simply tweeted the link to Angie Varona’s instagram as indicated above. What happened was quite surprising.

Since Barstool has gotten so convoluted with repeat posts and nonsense, I’ve only been reading the Philly and my check in time of 10am found this page being displayed. Initially, I was ecstatic that I was being displayed so prolifically on a BarStool post. My dreams of pageviews and unique visitors were sky high. Then I check the comments and read this:

[pullquote align=”left”]This Tom Stortz guy strikes me as someone who isn’t allowed within a certain distance from schools.. or Chuck E. Cheeses[/pullquote]

and this

[pullquote align=”right”]You know how young she is, right Mo? [/pullquote]





So instantly I’m overcome with 1) feeling like a douchebag for creeping on this girl 2) Hoping she’s not actually 16 and I’m about to be signing up with Megan’s Law. I started searching to verify this hottie’s age and began hoping the Barstool commenters wouldn’t take my self esteem for a ride down South. I’m not Miley Cyrus now and have never been exposed to any type of publicity so I’m not sure how I could handle it. Fortunately my worries meant nothing.

To sum up this experience, there was no experience. 1 follower was produced from Barstool and that was someone I already knew and there was exactly 0 referrals to my site. If this doesn’t generate any followers how in fucking hell am I going to land a better opportunity? For what it’s worth, the girl maintained a 9.05 rating which should at least give my female model standards some credit. I will say that it is quite encouraging to tweet the main person of a blog like that and have him give credit where credit is due. I won’t be creepy about it but I’ll always keep that in my back pocket.