I use the 6th and Spring Garden PNC Bank, which probably isn’t their best location, but it’s fairly prime. The neighborhood isn’t anything I’d consider rough but it does have its shady characters. Tellers are behind bulletproof glass, the employee turnover is high, and the service is suspect at best. My experience today though needed to be documented on how a bank shouldn’t run.

It was Tuesday at 11am which is a time that shouldn’t have many customers. Nevertheless, there are 10 people snaking around the ropes and leading almost out the door. This is somewhat bizarre because there are 0 people in the commercial line which is strictly for business. Now I have a petty cash check that I want to cash and it would classify as a business transaction. There was absolutely no way I was going to butt ahead of 10 people who have been waiting 10+ minutes because some foreign language woman is taking forever at one teller. There are only 2 tellers in action and 2 other “managers” who are sitting behind their desk (presumably) surfing the internet. So in even more bizarre manner, I decided to get in my car and go through the drive through which was completely empty and I was served within minutes.

This is classic mismanagement all around. The idea of having strictly business transactions is a nice thought but it gives no empahty whatsoever to human beings waiting in line. The people who sit in front of their desk should have the ability to work a teller position in case of long lines. Hell, even the security should be able to do this. The drive through teller shouldn’t automatically hold drive through customers as high priority when they have a line out the door. Funny enough, me, a white business client, didn’t have to wait in any lines compared to 10 people who aren’t so fortunate. Welcome to Philly.