Multi Colored Brain

I consider myself good at preparing, planning, and timeliness. When I schedule trips it’s rare when I find myself without something I need. This is mainly because I spend much time thinking ahead of time what I’m going to need, I write it down, and then I don’t forget it. There is one instance though that I can’t explain exactly how it happens but it deals with short term forgetfulness.

I’ll give a few recent examples and these have happened on more than one occasion so I know it happens with some frequency. Let’s say I went for a run on a path I haven’t gone before. I get home and in the back of my mind I want to know how far I ran. In the near term future when I’m driving the route, I’ll say to myself, “how far did I run?” I’ll look at the odometer and start paying attention to how long it is. If the route takes me longer than 2 minutes to drive, I’ll forget the fact that I was tracking my miles. I’ve even noticed that this has happened to me before and I’ll even remind myself not to forget to keep track and I’ll still forget to do it. It’s not just with miles though because another occurrence happened when I wanted to use my electric razor to shave my happy trail. The razor is in the trunk of my car and I’d remind myself to clean myself up and the moment I stepped out of the car, I would move on to something else without ever remembering to shave. It was in my mind for a good 2 weeks before I finally did it. I can’t explain it.

This blog is especially at the mercy of my memory. A good idea for a post will pop in my head and I’ll tell myself not to forget it. 2 minutes later I can’t remember what I thought was a good idea. I know I can write it down but writing and driving aren’t always the best combo. It seems like I don’t forget things that are crucial but I have a tendency to forget smallish details that don’t have much effect. I don’t have a good explanation on why it happens but hopefully this post makes it happen less.