Thinking Art

With my birthday looming, I took a look back at past blog entries to get an idea of my evolution. I have created over 1,500 entries since inception which gives me a lot of material to sift through. I chose November 2010 and after reading a few dozen entries, my conclusion was that the blog was somewhat decent but miles away from where it is currently. The thoughts that were being produced were of someone who was going through the motions. This isn’t to say that I’m not still going through the motions, the difference is that now I know I’m going through the motions. What I mean is that my entries were exact replicas week after week. Basketball game. Drunk weekend. Random thoughts. I wasn’t striving for anything other than surviving which I honestly didn’t even do that well at. Which brings me to the obvious question, what’s different now?

My first answer is that I’m capable. I have more experience and can adapt to most situations. I’ve acquired life skills in talking to other human beings and understand how to communicate effectively and cut through the chit chat. I’ve learned to set things that I want to accomplish and then how to accomplish them. I’m scheduling a trip to Germany in February and have little anxiety around it because I’m comfortable in what I’m trying to do and how to do it. In those 2010 years I was just a dude who had good intentions but no direction. I see things differently now. I used to look at everything through a magnifying glass and now I see it through a telescope. Taking a big picture viewpoint will help put things in perspective. If you’re nervous about something going on in your life, consider that you are a speck and nothing that you do will matter significantly in the grand scheme of things. I used to dislike cold calling prospective customers until I realized that whatever transpires in that phone call most likely won’t mean a hill of beans to the guy on the other end. There are rarely events in life other than death that require stressing about.

I’ve improved on being me. I know what I want in life and have a rough outline on how to get there. It’s impossible to get through life without the help of other people. I try to treat everyone else in my life as I would want to be treated. I’ve done my best to eliminate the riff raff and am looking to consistently “make things happen”. I’ve spent the years reading and learning and now it’s time for doing. You can always learn but doing is something that separates the good from the best. I intend to make my 30’s better than my 20’s and can’t think of any reason why that shouldn’t be the case. I’ve matured at my own pace and have been going through life the way I planned it. This blog is a great resource on that adventure and it amazes me more people don’t document their life.