I went to the doctor today to have my knee looked at and he basically told me I’m being a pussy. He was twisting it and bending it and asking if it hurt at all and it didn’t matter what he did, it didn’t hurt. I wouldn’t have gone in but I’ve been walking with limp the last 2 days and have a few events coming up that I want to make sure I’m ready for. I suppose it’s good news but there’s not much I can do but rest, ice, compress, and elevate. I’ve been doing 0 of the 4.

I’m pretty excited for a change because the house is coming together and I’m heading to Atlanta for 3 days for a roofing show. I cleaned up my room and even without a desk, bureau, and box spring, it’s actually fairly comfortable. I’m using this tiny bed table as my computer desk so I’m sitting really hunched over with the keyboard below my knees but even this isn’t the worst thing possible. I even purchased a new TV today that I’m getting mounted next week which will let me start making some moves with the living room. There are still a ton of items I want to accomplish but time is long and my schedule is open. I won’t be posting for 3 days so I wanted to leave something for the regular readers. I have had quite a few thoughts that I’ve texted to myself that I want to turn into entries but I haven’t found the time. I’ll be back with the blog starting next Thursday and then it’s off for a CK4-Nikkii wedding on the Spirit of Philadelphia.

Fantasy football update: The Turkeys were my only loss this week to a revenge game from Bud that he deserved to win. 1-3 isn’t ideal but the season is long. I also had a decent week in the pickem picking a point up on a leader who is losing his touch.