Eminem’s newest single is called Berzerk. Notice that berserk is spelled with an “z” which I suppose makes it have street cred. To all the people who are born in 1990 and above, the back song that is used to rhyme to is Billy Squire’s The Stroke. The lyrics of the song are especially tight (a word I’d never use in person but did because it’s appropriate) and well written. This page from vibe does a nice job of transcribing them. I’m not particularly blown away by the song but Eminem has always been at the top in terms of lyrics. This one is hysterical “That’s why my pen needs a pad cause my rhymes on the ra-hag”. There is another one though that I’d like to address which will become the topic of this post.

“All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo- With the ugly Kardashian—Lamar, oh sorry yo/we done both set the bar low”. This was pointed out on the Morning Mash Up and how they felt bad that Khole was being picked on by Eminem as the ugly Kardashian. They went on how rough of a time it was for poor Khole and how she also has to deal with what she’s now going through with Lamar Odom and the wacky shit he’s doing. This immediately popped into my mind as “people actually feel bad for Khloe Kardashian”?

She's not that ugly

She’s not that ugly

First off, Eminem calling her the ugly sister is like saying Chris Gronkowski sucks. It’s not that she’s completely ugly, she’s just not as fine in comparison. Now to feel bad for her because Lamar is going through a DUI and being a complete asshole is another story but guess what, millions of people go through the same thing with guys who didn’t make 8.3 million dollars last year. It’s such a moronic thing to feel bad for these people. I know my heart doesn’t tick like other emotional people in this world but we have seriously become such a huge nation of pussies. Things that make me feel bad are little kids in Syria who are going to get rockets aimed at their country for nothing they’ve ever done. Those are situations where you should feel bad.

1,2,3.  I used to have it as 2,1,3 but Kim blew up her ranking.

1,2,3. I used to have it as 2,1,3 but Kim blew up her ranking.