I’m typing this from my Kindle Fire so I’m limited in my ability for pics and additional content. My words per minute are also way down but not horrific. After very little sleep last night, I awoke at 5am to drive down 95 on a sales trip. I’ve made this trip about a dozen times so I’m becoming quite efficient in who to visit, which way to go, and what my purpose is. I scheduled about 5 new stops which always keeps things interesting. Without boring you with the details of the trip, I’ll note that things went well and I have at least one sale under the belt. What I intend to blog about is how this particular trip plays out and my thoughts about it.
After mg visits, I stay in the same hotel in Alexandria each time. It is my furthest point South (most times) and a fine price in a unique area. In this particular spot, as a Caucasian, I’m the minority. This is only humorous because the last few times for dinner I had Boston Market and the line is predominantly white. I also like it because after I’m done for the day, I drive to a random park to do some running. Today I found Lake Acrimonk and I really enjoyed it. After the run I shower, visit the supermarket for honey bbq chips and parmesan goldfish, get my Boston Market and eat and review my trip while preparing for the next day. I’m like a programmed human who does what he likes to a t. The great thing is though that it’s exactly what I want to do. No one to answer to or tell me what to do, I could essentially do this in any part of the country and lead a more interesting, just as boring life. Yet this makes me happy.