calvinsignificance (500 x 155)

Lately as I look at objects I see them in a different light. When I see a building, it’s not a building. It’s a foundation, then floors, then framing, then walls, a roof, and everything else in between. I looked at a book the same way. It wasn’t just pages with words on it. It was hours upon hours of dedicated work by the author. I’ve started to think more and understand the process that goes into creating instead of accepting that it’s here. As I observe new ideas I’m asking how is that done or why was it made that way? This concept may sound obvious but my feeling is that it’s often overlooked as I have for many years.

The comic to start this post is what helps me conceptualize many situations. As I contemplate situations I take a step back, think of Earth, think of the Universe, think of my part in the world, then go back to whatever it was I was thinking about. You have your body and your thoughts and they are the most important keys to life. My brain continues to get filled with more information as I get older. I start to see younger people (something you can’t see when you’re young) and realize what I didn’t know when I was that age. I’m getting brighter as life progresses by reading new information, by trying new things, and by making my mind a sponge.

I still haven’t figured out what all of this leads to, if anything. It’s basically the process of evolution. I’m certainly not saying I have anything to do with revolutionizing the world but I have a feeling that people in the 1850’s had bigger things to worry about than how they fit in the universe. In the USA we get so much free time to do whatever it is we want that I almost feel I’ve wasted most of this time with mindless activities. If you can keep your mind on something that you want to do and not Honey Boo Boo, it seems like this world offers plenty of opportunity. It’s amazing though how I’ve never felt this magnetic feeling towards any one thing. I’ve dabbled in many things, but never perfected any. Perfection is what takes you to the next level in this world. What moves you from a speck of dust to a grain of salt. I understand how it happens, now I have to figure out how to make it happen.