Terrible elevator experience today. I walk into the building noticing that someone is 20 ft behind me. I felt like this was too far to hold the door open so I decided to rush inside and pick up the pace on the way to the elevator to avoid any interaction. Everything was going fine as I hit the button and an elevator was promptly opened. Inside I decide to rapidly start pushing the close door button. The door closes and I thought I was completely home free until I realized that I didn’t press my floor. The hipster female who I didn’t hold the door for had hit the up button while I was waiting inside and now the door was opening up. I’m standing there with an expression on my face like “fucking great.” I’m sure she didn’t know I was hitting the close door button but she obviously knew I didn’t hold the door for her. We rode in silence, avoiding eye contact, and I eagerly awaited the end of the two story ride. If I just would have held the door, this would have never happened.

Is there anything to gain from this anecdote? No. There isn’t. You hold doors if it is natural timing, not because it’s required. Also, don’t forget to hit your floor number.

This wasn’t a good post but I have to post something. I thought Sam and I were making some decent headway and this clunker is a step back. I have some time over the next few days though that hopefully I can come up with some good content.