So I’ve been kind of bummed out lately. Everything is just kind of blah. I’m really sick of the cold weather and especially the snow. Our building for work has terrible insulation and every room is under 62. Not to mention it’s completely dead and this week looks like it’s going to be shot. Plus the market looks like it’s tanking again so that has me down. And then the fact that I’ve logged 2600 hands for a net loss of 200 dollars doesn’t have me thrilled. I didn’t even bet on the Super Bowl because it was like what’s really the point. I also didn’t go to they gym today because I was being lazy which is another wtf. Basically everything is just boring and shitty. This isn’t really the outlook I like to have either but I seem to be on this trend of not really making any progress one way or another. What really makes me think is that there are people who are so much worse off than me that if this is how I feel, how the hell do they feel? When I look at it like that I feel a little bit better but when I have to view it from my point of view, I just need something to change. I can’t explain what it is either but I will be doing some serious thinking about maybe a new approach. Sorry for such a downer post but this is my medium for thought, so you get what I’m thinking about. Tomorrow’s another day.

Just so you don’t X out with a thought like “wow that was depressing,” I want to comprise a list of my thoughts:

  • I don’t understand the popularity behind tool and DMB
  • I have no interest in Lost or the Office
  • Baseball bores me to death and now that football is over and it’s too cold for golf, what do you do on Sundays?
  • Besides Pretty Woman what is Julia Roberts good in?
  • Panasonic, Magnavox, Sharp, Phillips, Toshiba all leave bad tastes in my mouth for TV types. Hp and AMD processors for computers. Java and Itunes for software. Seriously when Limewire brings up itunes every time I shut it down I nearly lose it.
  • Unless you wearing dress socks, socks above the ankle are not allowed.
  • I’m not going to expand on this, but using lube to jerk off creates a mess.
  • I like sleeping with my socks on
  • When people change the channel without using the guide function
  • Who gets excited about Ellen being on American Idol? I don’t really watch the show but what does she know about singing?
  • I can’t stand checking my voice mail
  • People who double click every link on the internet when a single click is needed (my dad)
  • People who act like the world revolves around them. They get their way because it’s what they are used to and are basically oblivious to the people around them.
  • Why does my room seem like a bomb hit it after every weekend.
  • Fucking damp jeans when I walk in the snow. Seriously out of the entire list this tilts me the most. I’m actually going to close on this one because I can write about it for a while. I like my clothes clean. I have different standards of what is clean. Examples, if I put on a nice sweater, go to the bar for a few hours and then come back without spillage, I put the sweater away and can wear it again. If I start the day with a t-shirt and finish it with the same shirt on, this gets washed regardless of the activity. Socks always get washed after one use, same with boxers. On to the jeans. Jeans don’t need to get washed often. Practically never. People don’t go around smelling your jeans and I really never notice any odor, but if I did I would wash them. Damp jeans. Water eats up the cuffs. Even higher in this past snowstorm. In my book this is actually forcing me to wash my nice jeans. Jeans sitting around in water leads to fungus or mold, whether it’s true or not doesn’t really matter because that’s what I think. So for this rare occurrence that my jeans are damp, this is forcing me to wash them. I don’t like washing them cause they potentially shrink and tight pants around the waist is like cutting off the breathing to my member. Plus it’s uncomfortable.