I’m not a huge NBA fan but the last thing I want to happen is for the Pacers to beat the Heat in game 7. Talk about a huge let down. A great thing has happened with the veteran Spurs, arguably the most consistent team in recent history, sweeping the Grizzlies and setting up an NBA championship WITH THE 2 BEST REMAINING TEAMS. The one thing that is stopping that is the Pacers.

The Heat have Lebron and he’s the best player in the NBA. No question about it. His supporting cast has been shaky and he is going to be the reason if the Heat win or lose this series. What I’ve noticed is that Lebron doesn’t have much chemistry with his teammates. Bron and Wade are so far apart that it’s weird even thinking of them as teammates because they haven’t been using each other whatsoever. When Ray Allen and Bosh disappear from the game, the Heat are a bunch of role players. I don’t think that will happen in Game 7 though back in Miami.

The Pacers had home court in game 6 and played a hell of a game even with Lebron making an effort to take over in the 4th. This play in particular is going to set up an exciting game 7 because this was the nail in the coffin of game 6. I don’t understand the charge call for what it’s worth. How strong is Lebron to get this ball up to the basket?

I think Lebron has turned into such a charismatic, humble, determined individual that I love watching him play the game of basketball. Once he stops selling the flops (which he only does to win the game which I understand), I’ll boost him up even higher.

Watch this post game interview and tell me that he doesn’t say all the right things.

Hibbert is playing like a beast and he can say and do whatever he wants at this point.

I will be tuned in for Game 7 and expect the Heat to take it home.