I was at my parents house last night and stumbled across our old home videos that were on an 8mm tape and then re-recorded on a dvd. These tapes start from when I was 6 (1989) until I hit about 14. I sat down for an hour or so and started watching them and they are really quite remarkable. I’ll upload a few of the more classic moments to youtube and post them on the blog so stay tuned. I have this one outfit from the early 90’s that you couldn’t imagine until you see it. Also there is a footage of a classic Stortz-Schmidt 2v2 bball game that I’ll add. It seems stupid at the time to record things but when you look at tapes 20 years ago, you start to appreciate where you are and where you’ve been. The present at the time seems so normal but viewing it 20 years into the future is nothing you could have thought of.

The thing I really took from watching the tapes is how care free and innocent you are as a kid. Life is just sports, hanging out and goofing around. No responsibilities. Just living life. When I think of the last 10 years of my life I realize how much they differed from the first 20 years of my life. Night and day. I had so much potential as a youth… and now I’m a fully grown ass man. It’s actually kind of depressing. Nevertheless, life is about the moment and not getting hung up on the past. Nothing comes from the past but memories. You can learn from it but the present is where your mind is and needs to be. These types of posts remind me severely of Calvin and Hobbes.