I am in an ongoing situation that I’d like to share. For the past few years I’ve been with a group of people who partake in a week long vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. This group is more volatile than other groups I’ve hung out with. This year it’s been difficult for everyone to get time off at the same time and only 3 people will commit. Problem being that the people committing are two draw 4’s and a wild. Starting with such a group is mostly problematic because we all know you can’t start the game with a wild.

Here are character descriptions in Uno terminology.

Face Value Cards
facevalue cards
This is the most common type of person with 0 being the least risky to 9 who I’d classify as your extreme bro. Face values take life as it is at face value. They wake up everyday feeling the same way depending on their value. Alcohol and drugs aren’t major influences and they are people who have their shit together. The higher the value, the more you can expect out of the person. I know some 0’s who are just bland and you don’t know they exist and I’ve met some 9’s who are generally motivated people who can become overwhelming if you spend too much time with them.

The Reverse personality can be claimed by people who don’t go with the flow. If a group all wants to do something the reverse will be the person saying they want to do something else. They can be pretty annoying but do have some value. Reverses are going to be more creative and having one in your group is better than having none. The problem is if you start getting to many reverses, you’ll go nowhere. A 20 point card.

The Skip card is another unique card with a specific character type. A Skip’s personality is leap frogging other people to get what they want. They are generally only concerned about themselves and have no interest in what you are saying. I recall the saying in Uno when I played with my Grandma, “Skip you, back to me.” Skip’s are worth 20 points so they do have some added value but it’s important to differentiate a skip from a face value.

Draw 2
Being a Draw 2 isn’t favorable. Everyone knows in Uno that the Draw 2 is a pretty pain in the ass card. If you get hit with it you have to draw and lose your turn. People who are Draw 2’s are your stereotypical dicks. They add baggage for no reason and are generally unpleasant. Every group has a few Draw 2’s but I’m not sure you want them. Essentially an easier version of the upcoming Draw 4. Also they have a specific color so they only come out at certain times.

I referred to myself as a wild in the introduction. Let’s review the characteristics of a wild. It’s a 50 point card, there are only 4 out of 108 in the deck, and they change the color of the game. Why do I think I’m a wild card? When I put myself in other people’s shoes and ask myself how they perceive me this is how I’d answer, “he’s generally a good guy but there’s an X factor where he’ll get too drunk and do something beyond belief.” This reminded of the wild card because it doesn’t come out all that often but when it does it’s a big event. It doesn’t really do anything bad either which is why I differentiated myself as a wild opposed to a Draw 4.

Draw 4
draw 4
The draw 4 has devastating effects. It makes the opponent draw 4 and the color is also chose by the person who played it. The Draw 4 is the hurricane of all personalities. It can be played at any time and it usually leaves a huge trail behind it. Draw 4’s require certain mindsets and can have no regard for anything in their path.
They are going to be the most entertaining people but you most likely will only be able to handle them in small doses. Something bad will happen it’s just when and where.

I also thought the title was pretty good to this post.