Goddammit. This is what happens when you lay yourself out there with a prediction that falls so flat on its face that you just throw your hands up on the air and say “how can I be so wrong”? I would like to add that this isn’t the first time this has happened to me and it certainly won’t be the last. Life is about conviction and when you believe in something you have to stand by it. If you happen to be wrong, you swallow your pride, admit your wrong in a blog post and move on. If I cost anyone money, I’ll buy you a drink at the bar next time we hang out. I’ll need some proof. How can people that I envy so much fall so short? I’m supposed to have a good judge of character and that has led me to Brady and Belichick. They couldn’t even score a point in the whole 2nd half. It was an embarrassment. Nevertheless, I was wrong, I admit I was wrong, and I will continue on being wrong. One of these times with full conviction, I will be right and forget I was ever wrong.