I don’t write this blog because I want to be famous. There is virtually no possibility of that happening with the type of content I deliver and I’m ok with that. However there is a small, ok very small, audience who for some reason or another type rnningfool into their browser and read my content. I’ve accepted this and want to explain what gives me joy from keeping this going for what is over 3 and half years now. Both were mentioned in the last post but I want to go into a little more depth.

Jaweens telling me he likes the video blogs is great. I picture him sitting there for 45 seconds with a crooked smile on his face being entertained. This gives me satisfaction that something I did effects (I honestly read the grammar page that a person commented on the last post and still don’t understand it) someone else. I also like that Gourlay points out how I’m able to say something is retarded in this blog and be completely hypocritical when I do it myself. He’s precisely correct and the fact that he remembers things that I’ve written the past at least shows that people do read and remember my views. I like how Brookes sends me ideas for blog topics and shares things with me that can help me spur ideas. This is all interaction which not only creates better relationships but makes the blog better. All of these points make me say “I’m going to keep doing this.”

I’m money hungry. I work hard at my job to make money. One day I’m going to look back and say “I made it”. However, this blog is completely separate from money. I want to look back at this blog and say “I had a lot of fun doing it.” So to understand the difference, my job is my money and my blog is my life. All I want from this blog is recognition and I don’t mean that like celebrity status. I want someone to see something I do and say I agree. That means more to me than someone offering me money. I like money but people’s recognition means more to me. I’ll give you an example to clarify. I have a list on Spotify called High School in the 90’s. If someone, anyone, told me that they listened to the list and gives me a nod of approval on my song selection, I’d like that person for life. In someones mind it’s like saying, “this guy might know what he’s talking about.” I don’t want an article, a video, or any attention other than a simple acknowledgement. I commented on someones blog who posted it on facebook completely out of the blue because I know what it’s like to work at something and have little interaction. People appreciate it.

Now, this isn’t one of my call outs that I’m looking for comments or anything like that because I agree with every reader out there that it’s childish. I understand people are in tune with #1 and come and go as they please but I’m just alerting everyone how little interactions make a difference. They make this blog better. As you can see from the below chart that I’m not exactly setting the world on fire with views and I’m still chugging away. This is a thank you to all the loyal readers and I still welcome any interaction whatsoever. More interaction = more fun. Anytime you have a thought and don’t share, a kitten dies. Click the chart for a blown up picture.