I didn’t do anything on Friday night because I was running a 5k on Saturday morning. I will have to write that it does feel good waking up on Saturday at 7:15, getting a hair cut, and then being a productive person as phrased by CK4. The race went off at 9:30 and I was pretty well prepared for a quick 5k. My first mile was clocked at exactly 5:40 and my finishing time was a 5:38 pace for a 17:38 which was good for 2nd place in the race. I was hoping to get under 17:30 but I was pretty pleased considering I kicked really well at the end and obviously had more left in the tank.
After the race, Ck4 and I played a round of golf at Walnut Creek which is undoubtedly one of the worst courses in the area. Without going into too much detail, I thought I played particularly well playing their par 3’s with just about every tee shot landing near or on the green. Neither of us put up a particularly good score so it’s not even worth mentioning. We had a football game at 4pm so we decided to have a a beer or two at Mad River beforehand. Fortunately the opposing team was pretty bad and we won handily. I went home and showered before heading to Baker’s for a Halloween party. I dressed up at Morpheus from the Matrix which was a decent costume but not many people even knew who it was. The glasses were really crappy and I they couldn’t be worn unless there was literally no facial movement.

I got back home on Sunday for football and this wasn’t one of my better betting weeks. I managed to drop a figure that I’m not going to reveal (unless you really want to know) but it was over 100 and less than 500. It’s hard to really be disappointed when I know I’m playing with house money but it was still money. After this week I’m up 100 dollars for the season which is a setback and now I have to be much more careful in the games I choose. I went 3-1 fantasy wise for the 2nd straight week and am making serious effort at a playoff run in 3 leagues. I’m 4-4 in 3 leagues and 3-5 in the other. The Wild Turkeys beat the Shee for a huge win and puts me right back in the thick of things with what I believe is my best team. Still surviving.