The feeling of regret is nearly impossible to avoid throughout your life. There will come a time where you wish you could go back and do something differently to achieve a different outcome. Here are two situations I’ve encountered recently that I wish I could go back and change. No matter how trivial they may seem, I still remember them.

Yesterday in our co-ed football game I dropped a pass that would have been a touchdown from our reserve QB. It probably would have been a 40 yard TD pass and the guy, Dan, threw it perfect. I made a move deep and had the defender by a step and he leads a perfect pass that goes right over the outstretched hands of the defender and right through my hands. The game was a blowout so the play didn’t really make a difference in the outcome but it’s a catch I should be making 95% of the time. Everyone would have benefited from me making the catch. Now imagine you are Bill Buckner. It’s life changing.

This second one is a little more obscure. It was 3am one night and a bunch of people were listening to music. The one guy who was controlling the DJ, and was rocking with Springsteen Thunder Road and other such classics, asked me to pick a song. I said no thanks but he persisted because he heard my taste earlier in the day and said he liked my choices. So I sat there and tried to think of a 3am song that would rock the house. I came up with Golden Slumbers by the Beatles. This selection was horrible. I regret this song choice and still think how I can never change that moment in time and how that guy will never ask me for a song selection again. Small but I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Better choices would have been Sympathy for the Devil, All Along the Watchtower, or Life During Wartime.