I want to compliment the Shee on his golf behavior, which in my opinion, has vastly improved. I had no idea how to use the commas in the last sentence so I just made it up. Anyway, old Shee used to slam clubs and be ultra competitive at times. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in being competitive but it just doesn’t rank high in my value system unless I’m going out of my way to compete. I believe the goal of any round of golf is to shoot as low a score as possible and I can’t tell if being competitive improves performance. I think it boils down to choosing when to be competitive. So today wasn’t one of those days and we just kind of knocked the ball around and it was a good time. It was my first time playing in about a month and I was pretty sporadic so the round didn’t even get a chance to be competitive. I was 9,7,5,9 to start and shot a 102 which was actually a decent comeback once I got striking the ball with more consistency. Golf is supposed to be fun because it will never really amount to any achievement other than a personal one. I even hit a deer with my ball today. The guy was about 50 yards away right in my shot that was through the trees and I hit a low liner (and trying to hook it around) that skipped right into his shin bone. He seemed unfazed. All in all a fun round.

*I’m actually editing this published copy because I left out the best part. We were playing with two girls who were on the high school golf team. They told us their TEAM is 8-4. These girls however could not have been imperative towards contributing to that record. They were some of the worst golfers I’ve ever witnessed. The one girl was pretty dopey and would look backwards during her back swing. Her putting stroke was the atrocious. She’d blast 5 footers, 15 feet. I started feeling bad for them and was going to give a few pointers but the Shee said it wasn’t my place to do so. The one girl picked up on the first 3 holes which blew my mind. These girls should find a new hobby.