Last night was fairly entertaining. Evan and Gourlay came over and we had some beers and were playing Ping Pong while watching football. Evan left at halftime and the 3 amigos decided to go to the bar. We started off at McFadden’s which was more crowded than I would have guessed. They had dollar Bud Lights on “College Night” which was a nice surprise for the city. I thought that crowd was pretty good but we thought it was a good idea to change the scenery which probably wasn’t the best idea. An interesting thing about where we live is that it’s surrounded by the devil.

On our walk we decided that stopping by Delilah’s was a good idea. It was but it wasn’t. I’m not even sure exactly how much money I started the night with but I know I finished it with 0. Delilah’s is actually a really good strip club from my point of view. The girls are all smoking which is nice. They are however very aggressive and it’s easy blow your wad in a hurry. Nevertheless it was a fun time.

Gourlay has deemed the title “the 5th Stortz” which I have no problem with. I’m not necessarily sure he’s as unusual as he thinks he is but I find him amusing and a good person to hang out with. You’d think me being 28 and him being 21 would make a difference but it really doesn’t. The only thing I worry about is him spending his hard earned money on a Thursday night hanging out with me. I’m probably not the best influence. Hanging out with people though is how you build friendships which I believe the cheesy poem says are the best kind of ships. Just another night in the books.