For probably the very first time in my entire life I had an entire fitness facility to myself. If it took me 28 years to finally experience this I have to imagine that most of you probably haven’t had the pleasure. Our condo building supposedly has 125 or so condos/lofts filled with people. However at 10pm tonight there was absolutely nobody.

I started off doing some lifting on there various machines. I even did the ones I never do because I have no idea how to do them. With no one else around to make fun of you when you look like an idiot trying to learn it, I took the time to do so. After some lifting I ran 3 miles at 17:03 on the treadmill. Then I took the jump rope and actually jumped around the entire track which is 1/3 of a mile long. I would never attempt this with other people there but I had the urge by myself. I got about 3/4 of the way around before I started tiring and then messing up.

The experience was actually pretty enjoyable. I got a good work out in. No one slowed me down and I got to try basically every machine. This post came out way better in my head.