Tom: What kind of chips do you want?
Jeff: Get me whatever.

This is probably the worst possible answer you can give someone who is asking what to get you. They aren’t you. They don’t know what you want. So not only do you give them no direction but you basically leave it up to the person to figure out what you like the most. This situation falls right behind the trademark, “what do you want to eat”? “I don’t care.” People who are doing the asking never want these kind of responses to their questions. If you are one of those people who are finding yourself answering questions with these ambiguous answers, do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and stop.

Just to delve further into why this response is so horrible let’s look at why people do it. My first thought is that they either don’t feel like thinking or they can’t make a decision. My dad falls specifically into the second category. He has what I like to call analysis paralysis. It’s basically when it comes down to making a decision, even as simple as what to eat, it’s like his brain goes blank and he gives answers like the aforementioned. It honestly sucks horribly when you are the person asking people like this. It’s even worse when you narrow it down for the person like, “do you want pizza or wings”? I beg you when you are asked these types of questions ask yourself what you want more, and then answer truthfully. Even if you know the other person prefers one over the other, they wouldn’t be asking you if they didn’t want your opinion. This type of behavior I’m sure has ruined many relationships. It would drive me mad if every time I asked a question I got this undecided response. People like people who can make decisions.