These last few days have been pretty rough. We can start with Saturday. Well lets back up to Friday night. After a nice dinner with Laura and Nance, Jeff and I went to a house party on Christian. It was a good time and the jungle juice, made with Everclear, was flowing. Nothing of note really happened (except a late night fiasco with a neighbor at 2am which I’m not delving into) and I awoke to the Shee calling me 8 times at 10 am for our 11 am football game. This was the first game of the Manayunk sport and social coed season.

We opened the game scoring on our first 2 possessions. I had a pick in there somewhere when the opposing QB just threw me the ball. After that little sequence though, it was all downhill. Our defense wasn’t stopping them and they had some seriously athletic ladies who were making both sides of offense difficult. I believe we went into halftime down 6 or something and we never really made it closer. Poor communication, dropped passes, playing with 4 guys for a series were all part of the bigger reason that we just sucked. To boot, I had a bro come down on my ankle and was limping around for Saturday and mostly Sunday. It’s feeling better though and I should be OK the rest of the way.

After the game we hung around the pool at Naval Square and visited Bake & Weller’s place in Conshy. Then we went back to Philly and headed to some local bars of which there isn’t anything too entertaining. I woke on Sunday ready for some Football and a marquee fantasy matchup (cough) against Evan. My teams all got pooped on. I had an unreal stat line in my 4 leagues with 7 spots out of 36 getting 0 or negative points (Blackmon x 2, Hernandez, Gates, and Oakland D x 3). The Gates thing blows my mind because there was nothing I could do even though I was aware he wasn’t playing between 1-4. Anyway, I also bet on the Raiders which was a joke of a bet. A horrific football Sunday.

Which brings me to today and I am still recovering from that debacle and limping around all weekend. I had my mattress upside down as well which I just realized and was sleeping on the hard part which is pure stupidity. This was just one of those days and I know things will improve as long as I am optimistic. Life does throw you these rough patches from time to time to test your resolve. It happens to everyone and you can’t let it get the best of you. Til tomorrow.