It’s obviously not fair that I write that the blog is back and then take off multiple days from making a post but that’s just the breaks. The last 5 days though have been more than entertaining and I’m really enjoying life. If you stay up to date with Sam’s blog you’d know that Jeff and I went to Ursinus to party like rockstars, much older rockstars. At 28 it really did seem like I could be some of these kids parents. It wasn’t that bad though and even at my age I can still fit in. I wouldn’t have arrived sober if I could have avoided it but we still had a good time and now I can say I’ve experienced Ursinus. Just one thing I noticed that I’m certain other people have as well is the “Sam Drunk Yell.” Basically every word Sam says comes in the form of a deep voiced yell. At first I thought he just did it sporadically but then I noticed he does it constantly. It just starts to become the norm but I couldn’t tell if anyone else noticed and don’t take this as a call out or anything. I also should document the race that Sam beat me in was 200 meters and lets not forget the 16oz pounder I drank in the morning before this race went off. Rematch anytime.

After Ursinus we went to the Awol and Imagine Dragons concert in the Piazza that was the most fun I’ve had in a while. This free concert was so much better than Made in America it’s hard to justify paying 100 bucks for events like that. Crowd surfing is now my most entertaining event that I always would want to witness. People just think everything is going to be fine with the people below but this is not the reality and the aftermath of people hitting the ground is hilariously amusing. Plus I think Gourlay caught my one move of copping a feel on some average girl’s left buttocks. Gourlay gets major respect from me too as he’s self-declared the 5th Stortz. Having the 4 Stortz members at the same concert was pretty amazing as well. A final note to the concert was a kid who puked in the middle of the crowd and was repeatedly called an asshole. Very Philly like. Or the guy who had a laser pointer on him on the 4th floor of an apt building and showed his dong. I even got to use a great line when a girl elbowed me in the head and I said “it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault” which should be recognized by all Awol fans. A seriously awesome time.

Sunday was football and my fantasy teams went an average 2-2 which I wasn’t ecstatic about. The APete BS really killed my one team but him being back and watching him jump to the #2 back by Rotoworld this week will put me in a good spot for the rest of the season. I’m still extremely optimistic with my teams and expect big things. I hung out with CK4 at Millers to watch the Eagles which was a really good time and good place to watch the games. City watching from now on though.

I will continue this post with the post above this one which makes no sense whatsoever but there’s no other way and I don’t want to make this 1,000 words.